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Deborah  Bruce

Dr Deborah Bruce

Senior Lecturer in Medical Education


Senior Lecturer in Medical Education, Director of Clinical Practice, Patient Educator programme and VBCP theme lead, GEM module lead. In my roles above, I lead the curriculum development and assessment within KCL UG school of medicine of the Values Based Clinical practice theme which include Human Values subjects such as Clinical Communication, Clinical skills, simulation, Inter-professional Education, Cultural Competency, Ethics and Law, Medical Humanities, Philosophy, Professionalism, prescribing and therapeutics. I am a senior interviewer and OSCE examiner and contribute to assessment by writing SBA, OSCE stations and helped develop the e-portfolio contributions for clinical skills. I am also a member of the appeals board and senior leadership team. The patient educator programme provides students with opportunities to learn from the patient experience. The female Clinical Teaching programme allows student to practice female intimate examination opportunities. The simulated patients provide students with opportunities to practice their clinical communication in the integrated clinical scenarios. We are currently performing a study to assess the usefulness of introducing the Male CTA programme to align the teaching of male intimate examination to that of the female programme at KCL. I recently took over the GEM module lead which provides a 4 week course for graduates before they start in stage 2, year 2 of the programme concentrating mainly on clinical communication, clinical skills and anatomy.