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Dr Amanda Chisholm

Dr Amanda Chisholm

  • Academics

Senior Lecturer in Security Studies

Research subject areas

  • Conflict and security


Dr Amanda Chisholm is a Senior Lecturer, teaching on feminist international relations and gender and the military across both War Studies and Defence Studies. Dr Chisholm is also the lead diversity and inclusion representative for the School of Security Studies. 

Her research is located at the nexus of Feminist International Relations, Global Political Economy, migration studies and Security Studies. My research employs ethnographic methods to examine private military and security companies’ global operations. Her work is concerned with how gendered and racial logics sustain difference, assign value and reproduce hierarchies amongst these workforces and households. Having recently been awarded an Economic and Social Research Council Future leaders’ grant, her current work looks at issues of (un)ethical recruitment practices in unarmed and armed global South security workforces.

Amanda's research has appeared in International Feminist Journal of Politics, Security Dialogue, Globalizations, Critical Military Studies and International Political Economy as well as numerous edited volumes on Private Military and Security Companies, Military Research Methods, Gender and the Military, and Gender and Global Political Economy.

Continuously working closely with Amnesty International and various commercial companies in advancing research-led social justice practices and policies surrounding the recruitment of security workforce's.

Research Interests

  • Feminist security studiesand  global political economy
  • Private Military and Security Companies
  • Gender and the military
  • Gurkhas
  • Ethnography
  • Ethical recruitment


Gender and Global Politics


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