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Dr Chris Englefield

Dr Chris Englefield

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Visiting Research Fellow

Research subject areas

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Dr Chris Englefield is known internationally as a radioactive substances regulation specialist. One of his specialties is radioactive source security and he was one of the architects of the UK’s statutory system (in place since 2006).

Chris has consulted for World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS), the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and UK and other governments. He has taught regulators, police and other government officials, as well as industry staff on radioactive source security, regulation and the keeping, use and disposal of radioactive sources in the UK and elsewhere. Before becoming a regulator he worked in the UK’s naval nuclear submarine propulsion programme and the nuclear weapons programme as a radiation protection specialist. Since 2000 he has specialised in issues around radioactive sources including sources in scrap metal, illicit trafficking and effective regulation.

He was also a key player in the creation of Programme CYCLAMEN, the UK’s port monitoring arrangements for detecting illicit movements of nuclear and other radioactive substances. He now consults to share his knowledge from a 30-year career and continues to write and publish in the field.

He is Editor of the online journal Radiation Regulator.

Chris is a Fellow (and former President) of the UK’s Society for Radiological Protection and a Fellow of the UK’s Security Institute as well as a member of the Institute for Nuclear Materials Management.