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Johanna Schnurr studied Philosophy at the KU Leuven, Belgium, before starting her DPhil at St Hilda’s College, University of Oxford, writing a thesis on Doxastic Normativism. She obtained her DPhil in 2018. She previously worked as a Stipendiary Lecturer in Philosophy at St John’s College, University of Oxford.

Research interests and PhD supervision

  • Epistemic norms 
  • Theories of belief 
  • Affirmative attitudes 
  • Epistemic consequentialism 
  • Teleosemantics 

Dr Schnurr’s research is in Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind. She is interested in the intersection of theories about the norms and the nature of belief and has worked extensively on doxastic normativism. She is particularly interested in the relationship between belief and other propositional attitudes and is working on a Knowledge-First theory of belief that can distinguish it from similar attitudes without involving a normative component in the definition of belief. She has also written on rationality, specifically the question what entities can instantiate it.  

Selected publications 

  • “Epistemic Norms, Closure and No-Belief Hinge Epistemology” (with M. Simion and E. Gordon) Synthese. forthcoming 
  • “Epistemic Virtues and Virtues with Epistemic Content” (with M. Simion, C. Boult, C. Kelp) In Greco, J. and Kelp, C. (eds.), Virtue Theoretic Epistemology: New Methods and Approaches. Cambridge University Press. forthcoming