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Lucrezia is a Research Associate at the Department of War Studies working on the research project Security Flows (‘Enacting border security in the digital age: Political worlds of data forms, flows and frictions’), funded by the European Research Council (2019-2024) and led by Professor Claudia Aradau. The project examines the epistemic, political and ethical implications of the datafication of border security. Since joining Security Flows, Lucrezia has been carrying archival and ethnographic research in the UK, Italy, and Spain, and has collaborated with artists, lawyers and NGOs.

Lucrezia holds a PhD in Politics from the University of York. Her PhD research analysed state-diaspora relations and (non)citizenship in the ‘Global South’ through an ethnographic study of the de facto stateless Vietnamese diaspora in Cambodia. Building on this work, in May 2023 Lucrezia will begin a Leverhulme ECF exploring how the introduction of digital identity systems has transformed experiences of non-citizenship in Cambodia. What do digital identification projects mean for stateless persons? How do they reconfigure or reinforce the boundaries between citizenship and non-citizenship? To answer these questions, Lucrezia’s project will develop the concept of ‘material statelessness’, drawing on analyses of the practices and devices that shape how stateless persons access rights, build relations, participate in political life, and make claims of belonging. Methodologically, the project will combine methods of textual analysis with ethnographic and participatory research.


Research Interests

  • Critical migration and border studies
  • Citizenship and Statelessness
  • Digital technology in the 'Global South'
  • Migrants' agency and resistance


  • Aradau, C., & Canzutti, L. (2022). Asylum, Borders, and the Politics of Violence: From Suspicion to Cruelty. Global Studies Quarterly, 2(2), 1-11.
  • Canzutti, L. (2019), Co-Producing liminality: Cambodia and Vietnam's ‘shared custody’ of the Vietnamese diaspora in Cambodia. Political Geography, 71, 26-35.
  • Canzutti, L. (2019) Precarious (non-)citizens: a historical analysis of ethnic Vietnamese’ access to citizenship in Cambodia, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 1-21.

For an up-to-date list of publications, please consult the Research Portal at King’s.