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Dr. Elham Alsahafi earned her bachelor’s degree in ‘’Dental Medicine and Surgery’’ from King Abdul-Aziz University, school of dentistry in 2012. In 2014 She started at Umm Al-Qura University, Faculty of Dentistry UQUDENT as a demonstrator in the Department of Basic & Clinical Oral Sciences after which she obtained a scholarship from Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia to continue her postgraduate studies. She successfully earned her MSc degree in Oral Sciences in 2015 from Queen Mary University of London ‘’QMUL’’. As a dentist who interested in head and neck cancer biology and treatment and keen to study the molecular drivers of this type of cancer. In 2016 she started her PhD at Prof.Tavassoli’s Lab. Her PhD project focuses on HPV-derived HNSCCs by investigating the role of some predictive biomarkers in HNSCCs for treatment response, particularly, epidermal growth factor receptor “EGFR”. By modulating the expression of EGFR in HNSCCs cell lines and study the effect of this modulation on response to radiation and EGFR-targeted drugs.  The goal of this project is to understand resistance mechanisms in HNSCC therapy and validate some established biomarkers for predicting prognosis or response to drugs.