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Dr Emese Csipke BA, MSc, PhD

BRC PPI Coordinator and Eclipse Programme Grant Coordinator

Research interests

  • Psychology

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After finishing my BA and MSc in Clinical Psychology in California, I completed my PhD at the University of Manchester in Clinical Psychology as well. I have worked as a researcher at UCL, Imperial College London and eventually at KCL. I have been responsible for the overall management of two NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research, and previously an ESRC Dementia Initiative Grant. Although my main area of interest is in psychological interventions in psychosis, I have also worked in psychological interventions in dementia. All of my work has been built around the importance of service user and carer involvement throughout the life of a research project.



Selected Publications

Csipke, E., Moniz Cook, E., Leung, P., Yates, L., Birt, L., Walton, H., Hogervorst, E., Mountain, G., Charlesworth, G., Orrell, M. (2020) Feasibility and acceptability evaluation of the Promoting Independence in Dementia (PRIDE) intervention for living well with dementia. International Psychogeriatrics , Volume 33 , Special Issue 6: Issue Theme: Diverse Strategies for Improving Seniors’ Well-Being pp. 601 – 614


Csipke, E, Wykes, T, Nash, S, Williams, P, Koeser, L, McCrone, P, Rose, D, Craig T (2019). Changing nurses’ views of the therapeutic environment: Randomised controlled trial. BJPsy, Open. 5 (1).

Csipke, E, Yates, L, Moniz Cook, E, Leung, P, Charlesworth, G, Walton, H, Birt, L, Orrell, M (2018). Promoting Independence in Dementia: Protocol for a feasibility trial of the PRIDE intervention for living well with dementia. International Journal of Clinical Trials, 5, 177-185.


Wykes, T, Csipke, E, Rose, D, Craig, T, McCrone, P, Williams, P, Koeser, L, Nash, S. (2018). Patient involvement in improving the evidence base on mental health inpatient care: the PERCEIVE programme. Programme Grants Appl Res 2018; 6(7).


Wykes, T, Csipke, E, Williams, P, Koeser, L, Nash, S, Ros,e D, Craig ,T, McCrone P (2018). Improving patient experiences of mental health inpatient care: a randomised controlled trial. Psychological Medicine, 48(3):488-497.


Research Interests
Psychosis, PPI involvement