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Fani Panagaki

Ms Fani Panagaki

PhD Student

Research interests

  • Physics


Fani completed her undergraduate studies in Crop Science and Plant Genetics from the Agricultural University of Athens in 2015. After graduating with a MSc from AUA, she completed an MRes in in Biomedical and Molecular Sciences at King’s College London. During that time, she participated in the development of a hypoxia sensitive sensor to track cancer cell metastasis in vivo. She started her PhD in October 2017 under the supervision of Professor Sergi Garcia-Manyes to study how cells react to mechanical forces using a variety of single cell and single molecule techniques, such as single cell / single molecule AFM and magnetic tweezers.

Thesis title

Understanding the molecular mechanisms regulating the mechanosensitive focal adhesion protein zyxin

Research interests

  • Translocation of mechanosensitive proteins
  • How mechanical stimuli affect cellular processes
  • Rules governing protein nuclear translocation
  • Non-invasive ways to manipulate protein translocation in cellular environment
  • Protein unfolding in cellular environment

PhD supervisor

Principal supervisor: Professor Sergi Garcia-Manyes