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Mr Geoffrey Chapman

Mr Geoffrey Chapman

  • PhD students

PhD Candidate & Research Assistant

Research subject areas

  • Conflict and security
  • International development
  • International relations
  • Politics

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Geoffrey Chapman is a PhD student at King’s College London and a research assistant at the Centre for Science and Security Studies (CSSS). His research focuses on CBRN non-proliferation issues with his thesis examining the role of tacit knowledge within Britain’s nuclear weapons programme.

Geoffrey has been a contributing lecturer on intangible barriers to proliferation, non-state actor use of chemical weapons and OSINT education.

Work conducted for the CSSS involves international nuclear security education and security culture assessment, with a particular focus on insider threats.

He has also been involved in OSINT projects, including work for IHS Markit Jane’s and has delivered papers and presentations for them on CBRN issues within the context of the Syrian Civil War.

Aside from his thesis, his current research includes co-authoring a paper on the future of the Chemical Weapons Convention. Previously published papers include comparing Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra chemical weapons usage and a co-authored paper on the lessons that future actors may learn from the use of chemical weapons within Syria.

Research Interests

  • Nuclear Weapons History
  • Proliferation and Knowledge Management
  • CBRN Non-proliferation
  • CBRN Terrorism
  • OSINT Practice and Methods
  • Syrian Civil War
  • Chemical Weapons Convention
  • Insider Threats


Chapman, Geoffrey, Hassan Elbahtimy, and Susan B. Martin. 2018. "The Future Of Chemical Weapons: Implications From The Syrian Civil War". Security Studies 27 (4): 704-733.

Chapman, Geoffrey. "Islamic State and Al-Nusra: Exploring Determinants of Chemical Weapons Usage Patterns." Perspectives on Terrorism 11, no. 6 (2017): 112-21. 

Chapman, Geoffrey and Alessandra Giovanzanti. 2017. “US strike fails to stem CW use in Syria” IHS Jane's Intelligence Review, July: 44-49.

Chapman, Geoffrey and Robert Downes. 2016. “Dirty business: Challenges remain to Islamic State RDD usage” IHS Jane's Intelligence Review, April:  46-52.

Chemical spill over

13 March 2020

Chemical spill over

How the upcoming OPCW report on Syria could impact nuclear arms control.