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In 2010, Hayley obtained her PhD in Microbiology from King’s College London. Her work, under the supervision of Dr Arthur Hosie and Dr Veronica Booth, focused on the identification and characterisation of virulence factors of the periodontal pathogen, Tannerella forsythia.  

Hayley stayed in the Microbiology department whilst writing up her PhD and joined the Wade group as a Research Assistant. Here she was involved in a study investigating the effect of ethanol-containing mouthwashes on salivary acetaldehyde. On obtaining her PhD, Hayley remained in the Wade group as a Research Associate on a project culturing previously uncultured oral bacteria, as part of the Human Oral Microbiome Database effort.

After taking a career break to have a family, Hayley has recently returned to the Wade group and continues to investigate and develop novel ideas for culturing previously uncultured oral bacteria, with particular interest in TM7, SR1 and GNO2, members of the Candidate Phyla Radiation.