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Louis Gauntlett

Research Student


Louis Gauntlett is a PhD Student having previously completed a Master's in Psychological Research Methods at the University of Southampton.  

He holds many years of practical experience in the field of clinical psychology in addition to public health research. This includes using qualitative and quantitative data collection methods to measure mental health outcomes for healthcare staff involved in supporting the recent Ebola response in West Africa. Additionally, he has used knowledge and expertise to make recommendations for improving psychosocial support for experts deployed in future overseas crisis responses. He has also developed training modules for emergency first responders to improve their skills in communicating with the public in preparation for, and during CBRN emergencies. 

The title of Louis’ PhD project is ‘Developing evidence-based risk and crisis communication strategies to promote protective health behaviours in nuclear incidents.’ 

Research Interests

  •  Public health 
  •  Disaster, crisis and emergency response