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Nassia Inglessis

Artist in residence, Department of Informatics


With a technical foundation in Engineering Science from Oxford University and training in art and design from The Royal College of Art and MIT Media Lab, Nassia Inglessis is naturally driven to address technology in its etymological aspect of τέχνη (art /skill) and λογία (reason/science).

Her artistic practice spans across interaction design, cognitive and material science, biology in natural and artificial intelligence, computational design and fabrication. Her work intersects design research with public engagement through experiential installations, challenging the boundaries between designer and audience. She designs material systems and interfaces on varying scales, from wearable items to architectural installations, exploring new portals of perception as evoked through responsive matter.

As an active member of Makerversity at Somerset House, Nassia strives for an anti-disciplinary approach. She believes that impact comes through collaboration, as a way to harness diverse disciplines, skills and attitudes into a unified creative effort. She is currently is in the MIT Media Lab working with Neri Oxman and the group Mediated Matter.

Nassia has exhibited work both nationally and internationally, including at Milan Design Week in April 2017 and the Northmodern x Paris 1.618 exhibition in Copenhagen, 2016. Upcoming exhibitions include London Design Festival as part of the V&A Digital Design Weekend exhibiting a piece titled In Need of Transformation  Augmented materiality, and a work in collaboration with MIT Media Lab and Mediated Matter Group (location TBC) both in September 2017.

She is also the director of her own practice, Studio Ini.

More information about Nassia’s practice can be found on her website.