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Paul Schulte3100

Paul Schulte

Visiting Senior Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Conflict
  • Security

Contact details


Paul Schulte is currently Senior Visiting Fellow in the Centre for Science and Security Studies (CSSS), in the Department of War Studies at King's College London. He is Honorary Professor at Birmingham University Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security, and an active contributing member of the Alphen Group of multinational strategic experts. 

Paul is a former senior British career civil servant. After a social science degree from the LSE, his career was spent mostly in UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), working successively as a desk officer on central budgeting, counterterrorism, human rights and economic policies in Northern Ireland, the British Army equipment programme, Middle Eastern Defence Commitments, Military Medical Reorganisation, treatment policies for PTSD and Gulf War Syndrome, and Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, and Conventional Arms Control, where he coordinated the joint MoD and FCO response to the US (Star Wars) Strategic Defence Initiative, and originated, and helped negotiate, a key aspect of Chemical Weapons Convention, on managed access for Challenge Inspections.

He later became MoDUK Director of Proliferation and Arms Control, ex officio British Commissioner on the two UN Commissions for Iraqi Disarmament (UNSCOM and UNMOVIC), Director of Defence Organisation for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad, Founding Head of the interdepartmental UK Stabilisation Unit, and Chief MoD Speechwriter for two Defence Secretaries.

He has also been a member of the Senior Officers Course at the Royal College of Defence Studies, a Weatherhead International Fellow at Harvard, and, after retirement from the Civil Service, a Senior Visiting Fellow at the Carnegie Nuclear Policy Program, and the Advanced Research and Assessment Group (ARAG) at the UK Defence Academy, a frequent invited participant and speaker in Ditchley and Wilton Park, IFRI and FRS in Paris, PISM in Warsaw, Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos, the Harvard Sussex CW Programme, and numerous NATO seminars related to nuclear strategy, conventional and WMD arms control and disarmament.

He has practised within the NHS as an Honorary Group Psychotherapist, expanding a lifetime interest in psychological and ethical aspects of international security, and was for many years the (rigorously secular) co- chair of the UK Council of Christian Approaches (CCADD).

Areas of expertise

  • Disarmament, arms control and connections with international institutions and global order
  • Deterrence
  • Nuclear strategies and nuclear psychogeopoloitics
  • Proliferation (CBRN and novelties) and its emerging strategic impacts
  • Strategic cultures and their historical, philosophical and theological origins
  • Information warfare, disinformation and strategic communications
  • Military ethics and the strategic and political consequences of moral issues
  • Fourth generation warfare, cyber security and cross domain deterrence
  • Drone warfare and AI
  • Terrorism, counter terrorism and insurgency, especially psychological and religious aspects 
  • Post-conflict reconstruction and contested state building

Current project

“Tracing and Mitigating the Wider Systemic Shocks of Putin’s Nuclear Backed 2022 Offensive against Ukraine, for Global Arms Control and Disarmament.

Impacts on the evolution of negotiated systems of restraint involving WMD and conventional forces.”


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