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Dr Stavroula Chrona

Dr Stavroula Chrona

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Teaching Fellow in European and International Studies

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Stavroula Chrona joined the Department of European and International Studies at King’s College in September 2018. She received her PhD in Politics (Political Psychology) from the University of Surrey. She also holds an MA in European and International Politics from the University of Surrey and a BA (Hons) in Modern History from the University of Crete (Greece). Prior to joining King’s, Stavroula held the position of Teaching Fellow in Politics at the Department of Politics, Language and International Studies (PoLIS), University of Bath; Teaching Fellow in Social Sciences (Quantitative Research Methods) at the School of Social Sciences (SOCSI), Cardiff University and Graduate Teaching Assistant and Associate Tutor in Politics at the Department of Politics, University of Surrey.


Stavroula’s field of research lies on the intersection of political science and psychology. Analytically, her main research interest focuses on the exploration of the psychological underpinnings of political behavior. Focusing in particular on the cognitive, affective and motivational mechanisms, her work explores the interplay of individual-based factors in the shaping of political judgements and beliefs. Stavroula is particularly interested in the effect of ideological dispositions, value orientations and emotions on citizens political judgements and decision-making processes. Her current work is focused on the role of affect in shaping citizens’ participatory behavior in authoritarian contexts (such as Turkey) as well as in contexts where populism is on the rise.

In terms of her methodological background, Stavroula is particularly interested in the use of surveys and experiments in Political Science and has been conducting surveys, content analysis as well as mixed methods in her work to date.

Her work has appeared on International Journal of Communication, Politics and Governance, Turkish Studies, South European and Black Sea Studies, Research and Policy on Turkey.

Office hours

Wednesday: 13.00 - 14.00
Friday: 11.30 - 12.30
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Bee, C. and Chrona, S. (2020) ‘Austerity and fragmentation: dynamics of Europeanization of media discourses in Greece and Italy’. Communications: The European Journal of Communication Research (Ahead of Print). DOI: 

Capelos T. and Chrona S. (2018) ‘The Map to the Heart: An Analysis of Political Affectivity in Turkey’. Politics and Governance, 6(4): 144-158.

Capelos T., Exadaktylos, T., Chrona S. and Poulopoulou M. (2018)The Emotional Economy of the European Financial Crisis in the UK Press’. International Journal of Communication, 12 (1).

Chrona S. and Bee C. (2017) ‘Youth Activists and Occupygezi: Patterns of Social Change in Civic and Political Activism in Turkey’. Turkish Studies 18 (1): 157-181.

Chrona S. and Bee C. (2017) ‘Right to Public Space and Right to Democracy: The Role of Social Media in Gezi Park’. Research and Policy on Turkey, 2 (1): 49-61.

Chrona S. and Capelos T. (2017) ‘The Political Psychology of Participation in Turkey: Civic Engagement, Basic Values, Political Sophistication and the Young’. Southeast European and Black Sea Studies 17 (1):  77-95.

Chrona S. and Bee C. (2017) ‘The Gezi Movement Under a Connective Action Framework: Enhancing New Forms of Active Citizenship via Social Media Platforms’. In: Oscar Hemer and Hans-Åke Persson (eds.), The Aftermath of Gezi: From Social Movement to Social Change? London: Palgrave McMillan, pp. 161-185.

For a complete list of publications, please see Stavroula's full research profile here.


Stavroula has taught extensively on Research Theories and Methods across Social Sciences, Political Analysis, Public Opinion, Elections and Voting, Comparative Politics and European Politics.

She is currently teaching the following modules: