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Dr Tullio Giraldi is Professor of Pharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Trieste.

During his appointment with the Department of Global Health & Social Medicine, Giraldi will investigate: 1) the role of psychoncology in integrated cancer care; and 2) the promises of personalsed medicine and practical applications into community care.

He will also teach an annual seminar on questions of experimental biology and medicine, and contribute to the Biomedicine, Ethics and Social Justice (BESJ) research group focusing on the social and ethical implications of translational drug studies for mental illness and cancer.


  • The mechanism of action and the pharmacokinetics in therapeutic activity, toxicity and acquired resistance of antitumor agents
  • The pharmacological treatment of metastatic dissemination of solid tumors in murine models
  • The effects of stress paradigms for facilitating metastatic tumor dissemination, and the underlying neurovegetative and neuroendocrine immunitary modulation

More recently, Tullio has applied modern techniques of molecular genetic analysis of polymorphisms to the field of transport, resistance and toxicity of antitumor drugs, and to the metabolism and synaptic traffic of monoamines in relation to the response to psychotropic agents.