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Wing Commander Cliff ‘Giselle’ Fletcher-Jones is a senior officer in the Royal Air Force and is the Chief of the Air Staff’s Portal Fellow undertaking doctoral research to in spacepower theory and astrostrategy. He has over a decade of experience in military space operations and has been mission qualified in ten space roles.

He holds multiple Masters’ degrees and is a Visiting Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Studies, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. He is a Qualified Space Instructor, wrote the MSc Aerosystems: Operations and Tactics for the QSIC, and lectures internationally on geopolitics, spacepower and space warfare.

Research interests

  • Spacepower
  • Space Strategy
  • Warfare
  • Geopolitics
  • Human geography
  • Cultural anthropology
  • Organisational psychology
  • Taoism


Doctoral research:

Tethered to Terra: A geostrategic spacepower theory that considers the impact limited liminal space guerrillas have on tellurian politics.

Giselle’s PhD research starts by exploring different cultural perspectives from across the ethnopshere to demonstrate how space is intrinsically linked to the human situation. The investigation of space, as a place that gives meaning to earth, challenges the western-centric view of space as a domain to be used for projection of power, exploration, prestige, and exploitation.

Once understood that space is tethered to terra; the spacepower research will focus on understanding: space as terrain; the relationship between freedom of action in, from, through, or to space and terrestrial politics; and, based on Taoist principles, will investigate the hypotheses that a state or non-state actors use of space can be affected by small scale actions in a fast-moving environment.


Dr David Jordan