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Xuemei Liu

Xuemei Liu

  • Visiting

Visiting Researcher


Dr Xuemei Liu is an Associate Professor in School of Humanities and Law at South China Agricultural University. Her research is mainly about agricultural land law in which she makes an interdisciplinary understanding of law and economy, with regional expertise in South China affairs.

She completed her PhD in Law and Economy in School of Economics at Sichuan University in 2012. She graduated from Law School at Sichuan University with a first-class LLB in 2002, and a LLM in 2005.


Dr Liu is currently working on the ecosystem service trade-offs associated with China's regulation of agricultural land, especially hydrological ecosystem services. She is asking how agriculture has affected ecosystem services in China, and examining the relation between ecosystem services trade-offs and existing agricultural land regulation. The aim is to bring more ecosystem service thinking into legal frameworks for land management in China.

She will be using the tools, WaterWorld and Co$tingNature to analyze the environmental and developmental problems of China's agricultural land, and apply her background in Chinese land laws to put forward suggestions for better management. As a lawyer by training, she is keen to learn more about geography and make contributions that link geography and law.