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Hands on Periodontal Surgery: Skills For General Practice - (02/05/17)


Postgraduate Dental Course

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This one-day course is aimed at providing General Dental Practitioners further knowledge on and experience with surgical periodontal treatment modalities. This course will provide the practitioner with a greater understanding of where periodontal surgery fits into the restorative treatment, when to carry out surgical procedures and enhance another treatment modality for their patients.

A large proportion of the day will be hands on practical sessions where you understanding and gain hands on skills on how to use different periodontal surgical procedures. The practitioner’s will be provided practical tips on flaps, bone removal techniques and various suturing techniques. During the hands-on element there will be opportunity to practice surgical techniques on gingival tissue.

Course Objectives:

  • Review the rational and indications for periodontal surgery.
  • Review periodontal surgical techniques including pocket reduction and regenerative surgery.
  • To understand the principles of the biological width and crown lengthening.
  • Gain hands on surgical experience in pocket reduction and crown lengthening surgery.

Course start date
Course duration
1 day
Course type
Study Days
Course times
09:15 - 16:30
Course recurrence
Usually twice per year (dependant upon demand)
Academic Lead
Mr Bill Sharpling
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