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Teach KS3 Computing

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This 8-week twilight course will be useful to you if you have just started teaching Computing at KS3, whether you are a specialist or non-specialist teacher. We aim to cover the following aspects of the Computing KS3 curriculum:
  • Algorithms that reflect computational thinking
  • Learning to use a programming language (in this case Python) to solve problems.
  • Boolean logic and binary numbers
  • Hardware and software components that make up computer systems, and how the computer stores and executes instructions
As well as covering core subject knowledge, the aim in this course is also to give teachers a range of effective strategies to teach programming to beginners.

Each 2-hour session will include one hour of theory and one hour or programming. There will be homework each week.

Course start date
Course duration
8 weeks
Course type
Evening Classes
Course times
Mondays 5pm to 7pm
Course recurrence
The course will be 8 weeks in length
Entry requirements
No entry requirements.
Academic Lead
Dr Sue Sentance