Health, Lifestyles And Cities

Module code: 7SSG5152

Semester:  Semester 1 (autumn) 

Module description: This modules examines the theoretical debates concerning the study of health within geography and the inter-relationships between health and the built form of cities. It critically assesses current public health policies and the practices involved in governing unhealthy lifestyles. It evaluates how spatial and social differences between and within cities condition the problematisation of lifestyles. This module enables students to acquire an understanding of the incorporation of health within the remit of an increasing array of governmental and non-governmental actors.

Credit level: 7

Credit value: 20

Study abroad assessment: Please note that one or more of the assessments for this module will be due during a term that is later than the module itself (e.g., January/February deadlines for Term 1 modules; April/May deadlines for Term 2 and Full-year modules).