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Service User Research Enterprise

The Service User Research Enterprise (SURE) undertakes research that examines mental health services from the perspectives of those that use them, explores empirically and conceptually the impact of service user involvement in research (in terms of both process and outcomes), and critically interrogates how service users have changed knowledge production globally.

Social Epidemiology Research Group

The Social Epidemiology Research Group primarily focuses on how social contexts, interactions and experiences shape the occurrence, outcome, and management of mental health problems. 

The Statistical Genetics Unit

Our aims are to develop and apply statistical methods to identify and characterise the genetic component to common, complex disorders. 

UNIQUE Research Group

The majority of people with psychosis and a substantial minority of the healthy population report psychotic-like anomalous experiences, such as hearing voices. What factors determine whether such experiences lead to a pathological or benign outcome? Are the psychological processes identified by cognitive models of psychosis involved in leading to a ‘need-for-care’? How can research involving individuals with psychotic experiences who do not cross the psychosis threshold inform psychological interventions for psychosis?

Unique Research Group

UNIQUE Research group carries out a range of sudies involving people who experience persistent, full-blown psychotic experiences but are not in need of care

Virtual Reality Lab

The Virtual Reality (VR) Lab is led by Dr Lucia Valmaggia and is a multidisciplinary group of clinical academics, neuroscientists, post-docs and students.

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