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Abolitionist Curriculum

Dr. Jon Ward and Rafael Lubner have developed the “Abolitionist Curriculum”, an open-access resource which explores colonialism, slavery, and its legacies that directly inform the Black Lives Matter movement. The Abolitionist Curriculum intends to offer the reader space to critically learn and reflect upon the multiplicities of Blackness in a more accessible and inclusive way than “The University” usually offers.

The texts included in the “Abolitionist Curriculum” encourage thinking about Blackness in all of its abundant variations, rather than perpetuating the notion of Blackness as monolithic and only ever attached to trauma and oppression. This curriculum celebrates the multiplicities of Blackness, including Black joy, Black excellence, Black resistance, Black organizing, and Black love. Whilst not exhaustive, it provides greater context and space for thinking about how Blackness survives and thrives, appears, functions, and is represented, as well as encouraging the reader to consider how Whiteness appears, functions, and is represented.

Topics currently covered by the archive include:

  • Afrofuturism
  • Intersectionality
  • Navigating Intimacies and Violences
  • Neighbourhood, Space, Place, and Community
  • Memory and Memorialization
  • Containing the Black Body
Project status: Ongoing


Jonathan Ward

Jonathan Ward

Lecturer in CMCI - Race and Diversity Studies


Josh Davies

Senior Lecturer in Medieval Literature


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