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The Adopt-a-Plant scheme is a wellbeing project that provides opportunities for King’s postgraduate researchers to network and socialise around shared experiences of researching at King’s, whilst cultivating plants and learning craft activities.

The first year of the scheme took place in the REACH Space in 2019-20, with the AHRI purchasing a range of plants to decorate the space and instigate the scheme. The scheme recruited postgraduate researchers from across the faculty to look after these plants, with the group meeting in the space every fortnight.

Following feedback from participants in 2019-20, which highlighted significant positive benefits on students’ wellbeing, the AHRI adapted the scheme in response to Covid-19 to run within REACH-XR, a digital version of the REACH Space. All participants received an activity box including planting and craft materials, alongside a programme of online activities.


  • Bring together PhD students from across the faculty
  • Create a postgraduate wellbeing space – a space to be, talk, share knowledge and experiences
  • Learn new plant-related and craft skills
  • Bring some green nature into students’ working environments
  • Highlight the REACH Spaces to postgraduate students


Click on the 'Outputs' tab at the bottom of this page to access a full report for the 2020/21 iteration of Adopt-a-Plant.

“It was a great informal space to connect with other people in the faculty and learn some new skills. During lockdown it was hugely beneficial for wellbeing”

“It was a much-needed community during the current pandemic restrictions!”

“I loved being a part of this year’s adopt-a-plant scheme. It was a great chance to make new connections and take time out for myself from my hectic schedule. The chance to actively engage with practical and crafty workshops, in a social group setting, was super beneficial to my wellbeing”


Click on the 'Outputs' tab at the bottom of this page to access a full report for the 2019/20 iteration of Adopt-a-Plant.

"I would very much like to take part in the project again. It helped me to feel connected to the college, to my peers and was great for wellbeing"

"The project was a really great initiative for wellbeing. I found that it offered a space within the University to step back from my research and take a breather"

"The process of slowing down and thinking about something else for a couple of hours enabled me to go back to my work refreshed. It was also a really nice opportunity to spend time and connect with peers from the department which again is very beneficial for well-being when much of the time is spent working alone. I also enjoyed learning about how to take care of plants!"


The REACH Space is an inclusive space open to all researchers, from postgraduate level up, located in the Surrey Street Building at the Strand Campus. We are keen for it also to be an environmentally sustainable space, and one that provides refuge and relaxation from the stresses that can sometimes afflict researchers. The REACH Space is currently unavailable due to Covid-19, resulting in the development of REACH-XR, a digital version of the space.

Project status: Ongoing

Principal investigators

Lauren Cantillon

Lauren Cantillon

Previous centre Admin for Centre for Life Writing Research


  • Funding body: King's College London and Affiliates
  • Amount: £3000
  • Period: October 2019 - July 2021



Arts & Humanities Research Institute

King's College London

Strand Campus