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AHRI Visiting Fellows

AHRI Visiting Fellows


Since 2014, the Arts & Humanities Research Institute has hosted over 50 Visiting Fellows aligned with our research centres. Fellows are academics from other universities (often, from international universities) who contribute to the teaching and / or research activities of any given AHRI Research Centre. The nature of the contribution, whether it be the likes of seminars, engagement activities or contributions to research projects, is negotiated between the Fellow and the Centre.



To be appointed a Visiting Fellow to one of our centres, you must secure the support of the relevant Centre Director. Decisions on whether to then award the Fellowship are made by the Faculty’s Vice Dean (Research).

If you are interested in becoming a Fellow, please contact the AHRI Research Centre you are interested in collaborating with directly. If they are willing to support your application, you will need to complete a Visiting Appointment request form and provide an up-to-date CV.

You can read more about visiting appointments in the Faculty of Arts & Humanities here.



If you are successful in your appointment, the AHRI team will arrange a King’s College security card and email account for you and will give you a tour of the campus on your first day.

Please note that bench fees of £500 for visiting appointments of up to six months, and £1000 for visiting appointments of up to one year are required, although on occasion may be waived at the discretion of the Vice Dean (Research).

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