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The broad research interests of the Aldous group can be summarised by two core areas:

Thermoelectrochemistry: Our interest in thermoelectrochemistry is related to the conversion of waste heat into useful energy using redox chemistry. This is an entropy-driven process, and as it relies upon chemistry it has no moving mechanical parts and is highly scalable. We are tailoring our redox chemistry (electrochemistry), electrolyte and electrodes towards having the highest possible efficiency, while also aiming to be as innocuous as possible, with the end goal of developing wearable devices to exploit waste body heat.

Biomass utilisation: Biomass is basically trees, grass, agricultural waste and a whole range of other things. Like almost everything else, they are made of chemicals. Our research investigates converting these chemicals into useful energy and some of the chemicals required for modern day quality of life. We combine this with the principles of ‘green chemistry’ or ‘sustainable chemistry’, looking to recycle as much as possible while making the smallest possible impact outside of our process.