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The Banking & Finance department supports research and postgraduate programmes in finance. We’re growing quickly, and our academics now cover a wide range of areas in banking, finance, economics and econometrics.

Our projects focus on:

  • the use of big data and data analytics for forecasting economic trends and financial risk detection
  • the application of novel econometric techniques to finance-related problems.
  • central bank policymaking such as the effect of monetary policies on the financial system, financial stability and regulation
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing and the impact of climate change on corporations, investor behaviour, and the macroeconomy
  • individual investment decision-making such as estimating individual risk preferences and identifying behavioural biases in financial choices and financial advice provision

We also have broader interests, and some of our current work evaluates how we can use "big data" to aid financial and economic analysis.

Contact us

George Kapetanios, Head of the Banking & Finance department

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