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The researchers in the Basic Psychological Science research theme investigate the psychological processes that are the foundations of human behaviour. These include cognitive processes such as perception, memory, attention, decision making, motor control and learning; as well as processes at the intersection of cognition and social interaction such as imitation, motivation and coordinated action.

Our interest in these processes stems from intellectual curiosity about the underpinnings of behaviour, and because our research can inform a wide range of applied questions across a diverse range of domains and settings, including physical and mental health, education, training, workplace and professional expertise, individual wellbeing and policy.

Much of our research uses experimental methods to test cause-and-effect explanations or generates detailed descriptions of psychological processes by using advanced techniques for tracing behaviour or measuring its indicators and consequences (e.g., imaging, eye-tracking).

To this end, we are engaged in a wide range of research collaborations within the Department of Psychology, across the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience and beyond King’s.

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