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Medicine - Apheresis

Lipid Apheresis project with the Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals

  • investigate the effects of therapeutic apheresis with either filtration or immunoadsorption on fatigue in patients with Post COVID Syndrome
  • assess the safety and tolerability of the treatment
  • compare the efficacy of the different apheresis methods in relieving fatigue and other symptoms
  • investigate the effects of apheresis on autoantibodies, inflammation markers and blood viscosity parameters in patients with Post COVID syndrome
  • examine whether any of those parameters correlate with specific symptoms and their severity
APHRODITE: APHeResis for post-cOviD – an Investigational Treatment of Extended Fatigue after SARS-CoV-2 Infection


  • Largest Lipid apheresis Centre in the UK, now official partner of King’s College London in collaboration with Imperial College
  • Currently setting up the logistics of a Lipid Apheresis Unit for Lipid patients as well as Long-Covid patients at Cromwell Hospital in Kensington
  • A lipid apheresis unit business plan has been approved at St-Thomas’s hospital, currently in process of identifying a suitable location to set up the new unit; Harefield is one of 8 centres in UK
    Project status: Ongoing