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Fear Lab

The Fear Lab is currently investigating molecular mechanisms regulating Human B cell germinal centre activities.

Ferro Lab

Although recent years have seen a revolution in the prevention and treatment of heart attack and stroke, these remain the biggest causes of death and disability worldwide.

Finance (Informatics)

The Finance Hub conducts fundamental and applied research at the intersection of finance and computation, a sector which is colloquially known as FinTech.

Financial Mathematics

King’s College has a large and thriving Financial Mathematics group, with an international reputation for research excellence. 

FinWork Futures

FinWork Futures is an interdisciplinary research centre investigating the future of financial work and the challenges and opportunities that new technologies raise for the financial professions.

The First World War Research Group

The First World War Research Group brings together a wealth of expertise on military, diplomatic, social, and cultural aspects of the conflict.

Fitness to plead

‘Fitness to Plead’ is a fundamental but understudied concept of criminal justice

Fitness to plead

 “Fitness to Plead” is a fundamental but understudied concept of criminal justice. It refers to a defendant’s ability to understand and participate in the legal process, a prerequisite to a fair trial. There is a need to balance the individual’s right to make autonomous decisions regarding their trial with their ability to effectively participate. The assessment of fitness to plead is carried out by psychiatrists and determined by a judge, and the costs of dealing with unfit individuals are high.

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