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Galão Lab

The Galao Lab studies host/virus interactions, focusing mainly in innate immune responses to infection by RNA viruses.

Garnett Lab

The Garnett Lab investigates molecular mechanisms that promote bacterial disease. In particular we are interested in biofilm formation and other key virulence traits that allow bacteria to establish infections and persist within the host/environment.

Gautel Group

The Gautel group aims to elucidate the mechanisms that organise sarcomeres, the smallest contractile unit of striated muscle.

Gender Studies at King's

Bringing together like-minded scholars and students from across King's to examine the influence of gender relations..

General Hospital Psychiatry Research Group

The General Hospital Psychiatry Research Group investigates the grey area between medicine and psychiatry: how psychological health can affect physical illness and vice versa.

Our Research

King's Researchers

King’s Researchers

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