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Hawrylowicz Group

This group addresses the importance of vitamin D sufficiency for respiratory health throughout the life course and the immune mechanisms that underpin this

Health (Informatics)

The Health Hub centres on computational characterisation of medically relevant study cases and data.

Health Inequalities Research Group

Health Inequalities Research Group is focused on discrimination and other forms of social adversity; community mental health; inequalities in mental health and health services.

Health Inequalities, Societies and Systems

Central to our research is understanding and tackling the systemic and intersecting drivers of disparities in health over the life course such as racism, gender, crime, precarious livelihoods, environmental pollution, and inaccessible health care. We work collaboratively across the School of Life Course and Population Sciences to strengthen the theoretical aspects of population health research.

Health Psychology Section

Health Psychology Section is a global leading centre of clinical health psychology at King's College London

Healthy ageing

We are committed to a long and healthy life for all. Knowing what keeps us healthy can play a major role in finding new treatments for age-related diseases. Many diseases of age involve the progressive loss of brain tissue due to changes in the structure of proteins in cells. We investigate the effect of factors such as diet, exercise and environment on long-term brain health.

Hearing and sensory systems

Our focus is on age-related hearing loss, and we aim to find new drug targets to slow down or stop its progression, to improve the quality of life for our ageing population. Our other areas of research into sensory systems include mechanisms involved in gut sensing and the role of the thalamus in sensory processing.

Centre for Hellenic Studies

The Centre for Hellenic Studies is a unique grouping of academics with interests and expertise covering more than three millennia, from Aegean prehistory to the history, language, literature and culture of Greece, Cyprus and the worldwide Greek diaspora today.

Health Economics for Life Sciences and Medicine (HELM)

Health Economics for Life Sciences and Medicine aims to improve population health and well-being through rigorous, applied, policy-relevant research in health economics, continuous reflection on, and advancement of, methodology, and inspiring, teaching and enabling others to include economics early and often in decisions concerning population health

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