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Sackler Institute

The Sackler Institute was launched in 2013 and carries out multidisciplinary ‘translational’ studies of normal development, and how abnormalities in that process lead to high cost neurodevelopmental disorders.

Sacks Group

Examining how locally made components of the defence system influence the acceptance of foreign tissue or cell grafts

Sancho Lab

Our main goal in the Sancho lab is to decipher the fundamental regulatory networks involved in pancreatic cell fate decisions using adult and iPSCs derived organoids, and to apply this knowledge to new strategies in regenerative medicine for diabetes.

Sanderson Group

The Sanderson Group studies the mechanism of action of type II DNA topoisomerases using a structural and functional approach

Santis Group

We study the role of Coxsackie B virus and Adenovirus receptor (CAR) in airway inflammation and cancer. We also evaluate EGFR oligomerisation in lung cancer cells as a biomarker for disease severity and response to treatment.

Sanz Group

The Sanz group looks at how biomolecular conformation plays a fundamental role in biological processes such as molecular recognition.


We aim to provide new insights into the neurobiology of schizophrenia by combining imaging studies in humans with a range of other models.

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