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Vascular Proteomics

Our group uses proteomics in combination with other -omics technologies, such as metabolomics, lipidomics and microRNA profiling, to integrate biological information in disease-specific networks that drive pathopysiological changes.

Vigilante Lab

Our primary research areas can be broadly classified as: Use of integration approaches to uncover genotype–phenotype interactions; and,Use of single-cell RNA sequencing to study developmental and stem cell biology

IoPPN Virtual Reality Research Lab

The IoPPN Virtual Reality Research Lab (VR Lab) is led by Dr Lucia Valmaggia and is a world-leading multidisciplinary group dedicated to VR based research, assessment and treatments for mental health.

Visual Embodied Methodologies Network

Creating spaces of knowledge-exchange and research excellence around visual, embodied and art-based methodologies within, across and beyond Social Sciences.

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