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Health Economics for Life Sciences and Medicine (HELM)

Health Economics for Life Sciences and Medicine aims to improve population health and well-being through rigorous, applied, policy-relevant research in health economics, continuous reflection on, and advancement of, methodology, and inspiring, teaching and enabling others to include economics early and often in decisions concerning population health

Hess Group

Hess Group, Department of Chemistry, King’s College London

Hindsight Perspectives for a Safer World

Hindsight Perspectives for a Safer World is a collaboration between the History & Policy unit at King's and the Lloyds Register Foundation, investigating histories of innovation and safety in shipping and engineering.

Hinits Research Group

The Hinits Group aims to better our understanding of how skeletal and cardiac muscle cells are formed and function during development, regeneration and disease. We use zebrafish embryos and adults (our main model organism) and also human iPSCs-driven cardiomyocytes for our studies.

Hogarth Group

Graeme Hogarth is an inorganic chemist with a broad range of interests focused on molecular transition metal chemistry.

Homelessness Research Programme

The Homelessness Research Programme (HRP) is based in the NIHR Policy Research Unit in Health and Social Care Workforce at King’s College London, and brings together leading researchers in the field.

Centre for Host-Microbiome Interactions

Millions of microorganisms live in and on our bodies forming microbiomes on different surfaces. Researchers in the Centre for Host Microbiome Interactions study our relationship with these bacteria and fungi in health or in oral and systemic diseases such as periodontitis, candidiasis, oral cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

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King’s Researchers

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