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Arts & Conflict Hub

The Arts & Conflicts hub uses artistic mediums to communicate, teach and research the complexities of conflict

Centre for Arts and the Sacred at King's (ASK)

The Centre for Arts and the Sacred at King’s (ASK) is a centre for research, teaching and public education in relation to the role of religion in the arts, and the role of the arts in religion.

Atherton Group

The Atherton Group aims to unveil the mechanisms of microtubule-associated regulators and molecular motors integral to cellular function and dysfunction.

Autism spectrum disorder

We combine models with clinical observations to study how specific mutations change cells and their connections, and how this affects behaviour. The effect of these cellular and neural network alterations are studied to find ways to gain insights into this complex condition.

Autism and Development Team

The Autism & Development Research Group aim to increase the understanding of cognitive and behavioural development in individuals with autism and the factors that influence this over time.


AVATAR therapy offers a new approach to working with distressing voices (auditory hallucinations), using digital technology to allow ‘face-to-face’ dialogue between the voice-hearer and a computerised representation of their voice (the avatar). We are now taking this forward in the AVATAR2 trial.

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King’s Researchers

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