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The Urban Living Hub acts as an umbrella of activity for all research in the Department of Informatics addressing urban-related issues. Focus of the hub activity include energy, culture, entertainment, day and night-time economies, logistics, town planning, pollution, population, transport and smart cities.

Our strength builds upon strong connections with partners from sectors that complement each other through a diversity of expertise, competences, socio-economic interests, and political influences.

The hub is directly aligned with King’s 2029 strategic vision of a civic university at the heart of London, with a view to develop research collaborations that address London’s challenges.

The hub operates in close cooperation with the Centre for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP) London, a national and international collaborative network of researchers, companies and local governments.

Through CUSP London ambitious program the hub is favoured by opportunities to access unique data sets and challenges.

Research Questions

The Urban Living Hub addresses number of key research themes:

  • understanding of social and infrastructure change through the lenses of urban living, social interaction, cluster formation
  • developing social and infrastructure change through resource monitoring, intervention planning and policy making
  • enhancing sustainability and resilience of city, communities, neighbourhood and inner social clusters
  • responding to risk, rapid change and innovation