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James Blewett

Peer reviewed journal articles

Blewett, J. (2011) 'Reflections on the impact of the Children Act 1989: child care policy, the knowledge base and the evolving role of social work ', Journal of Children's Services, 6(1): 34-44.

Collins, D., Blewett, J., Manthorpe, J. & Tarr, S. (2010) 'Social work practice learning in schools: lessons for practice', Practice, 22(2): 89-101.

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30 Mar.12


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30 Mar. 12

Book and chapters

Blewett, J. (in press) Reflective Practice with Vulnerable Children and their Families, London: Jessica Kingsley.

Blewett, J. (2011) 'Continuing Professional Development: Enhancing high quality practice ', in Seden, J., Matthews, S., McCormick, M. and Morgan, A. (eds), Professional Development in Social Work: Complex issues in practice, pp. 185-191, London: Routledge.

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Boaz, A. & Blewett, J. (2010) 'Providing Objective, Impartial Evidence for Decision Making and Public Accountability', in Shaw, I., Briar-Lawson, K., Orme, J. and Ruckdeschel, R. (eds), The SAGE Handbook of Social Work Research, pp., London: Sage.

Blewett, J. & Foley, P. (2008) 'Staying Safe', in Collins, J. and Foley, P. (eds), Promoting Children's Wellbeing: Policy and Practice, pp., Bristol: Policy Press.

Blewett, J. (2007) 'Social Work in New Policy Contexts: Threats and Opportunities', in Fraser, S. and Matthews, S. (eds), The Critical Practitioner in Social Work and Health Care, pp., London: Sage Publications.

30 Mar. 12

Professional press

Blewett, J. (2011) 'Research: Developing child protection at a local level', Community Care, 9 September.

Blewett, J. (2010) 'Understanding private fostering', Community Care, 6 May.

Blewett, J. (2009) 'Children talking to ChildLine about family relationship problems', Community Care, 23 January.

Blewett, J. (2009) 'James Blewett sums up research on children and family support. Evaluating the delivery of targeted family support', Community Care, 20 May.

Blewett, J. (2009) 'Promoting quality in children's services', Community Care, 10 September.

Blewett, J. (2008) 'Changing role of fathers in their children's lives', Community Care, 7 May.

Blewett, J. (2008) 'Children with challenging behaviour', Community Care, 3 July:: 26-27.

Blewett, J. (2008) 'Code shaking', Professional Social Work, July:: 8-9.

Blewett, J. (2008) 'Early risers', Community Care, 7 May.

Blewett, J. (2008) 'New messages from Sure Start', Community Care, 27 March:: 22-23.

Blewett, J. (2008) 'Research connects abuse in childhood with cruelty to animals', Community Care, 30 October.

Blewett, J. (2008) 'Safeguarding in schools', Community Care, 30 January.

Blewett, J. (2008) 'Young people in disadvantaged areas researched', Community Care, 2 September.

Teague, C. & Blewett, J. (2008) 'Knowledge base needed for better child outcomes', Community Care, 10 July: 6.

30 Mar. 12

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