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Dr Michelle Cornes: articles

Peer reviewed articles

Mason, K., Cornes, M., Dobson, R., Meakin, A., Ornelas, B., & Whiteford, M. (2017/2018). Multiple Exclusion Homelessness and adult social care in England: Exploring the challenges through a researcher-practitioner partnership. Research, Policy and Planning, 33(1), 3-14.

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Cornes, M., Norrie, C., & Manthorpe, J. (2016). The play’s the thing: development of an interprofessional drama. Journal of Integrated Care, 24(2), 107-120. doi:doi:10.1108/JICA-01-2016-0002

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Cornes, M., Manthorpe, J., Hennessy, C., Anderson, S., Clark, M. & Scanlon, C. (2014) 'Not just a talking shop: practitioner perspectives on how communities of practice work to improve outcomes for people experiencing multiple exclusion homelessness', Journal of Interprofessional Care, 28(6): 541-546.

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Green, B., Raymond, G., Peardon, J., Fox, D., Hawkes, B. & Cornes, M. (2012) '‘‘Not just grapes and flowers’’: older people’s perspectives on the role and importance of hospital visiting', Quality in Ageing and Older Adults, 13(2): 82-88.

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Professional press

Cornes, M. (2011) 'We don't want miracles', Connect: The Magazine of the Homeless Sector, 43: 24-25.

Cornes, M. & Fitzpatrick, S. (2011) 'Risks of complexity', Health Service Journal, 29 September: 20.

Cornes, M. & Manthorpe, J. (2011) 'Research: multiple exclusion homelessness', Community Care, 17 November.

Cornes, M. & Manthorpe, J. (2005) 'Someone to expect each day', Community Care, 8-14 December:: 36-37.





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