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John Woolham

Selected publications

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Peer reviewed articles

Woolham, J., Daly, G., Sparks, T., Ritters, K., and Steils, N. (2017) 'Do direct payments improve outcomes for older people who receive social care? Differences in outcome between people aged 75+ who have a managed personal budget or a direct payment', Ageing & Society, 37(5): 961-984. doi:10.1017/S0144686X15001531

Woolham, J., Stevens, M., & Rainey, C. (2016/17). Research capacity and research governance in local authority settings in England: findings from a national survey in 2014. Research, Policy and Planning, 32(2), 81-96.

Woolham, J., Steils, N., Daly, G., & Ritters, K. (2016). The impact of personal budgets on unpaid carers of older people. Journal of Social Work. doi:10.1177/1468017316654343

Woolham, J., Daly, G., Steils, N. & Ritters, K. (2015) 'The evolution of person-centred care to personalised care, personal budgets and direct payments in England: some implications for older users of social care services', Sociologia e Politiche Sociali, 1: 145-162.

Wood, E., Ward, G. & Woolham, J. (2015) 'The development of safer walking technology: a review', Journal of Assistive Technologies, 9(2): 100-115.

Manthorpe, J., Stevens, M., Samsi, K., Aspinal, F., Woolham, J., Hussein, S., Ismail, M. & Baxter, K. (2015) 'Did anyone notice the transformation of adult social care? An analysis of Safeguarding Adult Board Annual Reports', Journal of Adult Protection, 17(1): 19-30.

Woolham, J., Hughes, E. & Daly, G. (2013) 'The relationship between independence, inclusion and well-being: the perspective of older citizens living in Coventry, UK', Research, Policy and Planning, 30(1): 3-21.

Woolham, J., Daly, G. & Hughes, E. (2013) 'Social Isolation and loneliness amongst older people: findings from a survey in Coventry, UK', Quality in Ageing and Older Adults, 14(1): 192-204.

Woolham, J. & Benton, C. (2013) 'The costs and benefits of personal budgets for older people: evidence from a single local authority', British Journal of Social Work, 43(8): 1472-1491.

Leroi, I., Woolham, J., Gathercole, R., Howard, R., Dunk, B., Fox, C., O’Brien, J., Bateman, A., Poland, F., Bentham, P., Burns, A., Davies, A., Forsyth, K., Gray, R., Knapp, M., Newman, S., McShane, R. & Ritchie, C. (2013) 'Does telecare prolong community living in dementia? A study protocol for a pragmatic, randomised controlled trial', Trials, 14(1): 1-9.

Woolham, J., Gibson, G. & Clarke, P. (2007) 'Local responses to the preventive technology grant: findings from a two stage survey of local stakeholders',

Woolham, J., Gibson, G. & Clarke, P. (2006) 'Assistive technology, telecare and dementia: some implications of current policies and guidance.  Vol. 24 (3).', Research, Policy and Planning, 24(3): 149-164.

Woolham, J. & Frisby, B. (2002) 'Building a local infrastructure that supports the use of assistive technology in the care of people with dementia', Research, Policy and Planning, 20(1): 11-24.


Woolham, J. G., Steils, N., Fisk, M., Porteus, J., and Forsyth, K. (2018) The UTOPIA project. Using Telecare for Older People In Adult social care: The findings of a 2016-17 national survey of local authority telecare provision for older people in England. London: Social Care Workforce Research Unit, King's College London.

Knapp, M., Barlow, J., Comas-Herrera, A., Damant, J., Freddolino, P., Hamblin, K., Hu, B., Lorenz, K., Perkins, M., Rehill, A., Wittenberg, R., & Woolham, J. (2015). The case for investment in technology to manage the global costs of dementia. London: Policy Innovation Research Unit.

Woolham, J. (2015) Are personal budgets always the best way of delivering personalised social care to older people?, London: NIHR School for Social Care Research.

Rainey, C., Woolham, J. & Stevens, M. (2015) Research capacity, knowledge, skills and use in Councils with Adult Social Care Responsibilities, London: London School of Economics.

Woolham, J. (2012) Research Governance and ethics for adult social care research: procedures, practices and challenges, London: NIHR School for Social Care Research.

Woolham, J., Daly, G., Hughes, E., Cleaver, P. & Tranter, R. (2010) A Better Life: Findings from a survey of people aged 55 and over living in Coventry, Coventry: Coventry University.

Woolham, J., Dolan, P., Rainey, C. & Dutton, R. (2005) The views and experiences of councils with social services responsibilities of the Department for Education and Skills 2004-05 user experience survey of children in need, London: Association of Directors of Social Services.


Woolham, J. (ed) (2005) Assistive Technology in Dementia Care: developing the role of technology in the care and rehabilitation of people with dementia – current trends and perspectives, London: Hawker Publications.

Woolham, J. (2005) Safe at Home: the effectiveness of assistive technology in supporting the independence of people with dementia: the Safe at Home project, London: Hawker Publications.

Book chapters

Woolham, J., & Steils, N. (2018, forthcoming). 'Are electronic assistive technologies and telecare for older people in England personalised – and should they be?' In H. Michel (Ed.), Technologies for the Elderly Living at Home - which methods of co-creation and evaluation for which results. Rennes: École des hautes études en santé publique.

Woolham, J. (2010) 'Department of Health Risk Appraisal Tool', Research Governance Framework Resource Pack, London: Department of Health, ADSS, SCIE, SSRG.

Woolham, J. & Frisby, B. (2002) 'Using Technology in Dementia Care', in Benson, S. (ed), Dementia Topics for the Millennium and Beyond, London: Hawker Publications.

Marshall, M., Cullen, K., Duff, P., Woolham, J., Frisby, F., Bjorneby, S., Holthe, T., Van Berlo, A. & Bonner, S. (2000) 'ASTRID: a social and technological response to meeting the needs of people with dementia and their carers – a guide to using technology within dementia care', London: Hawker Publications.





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