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Index to Unit research studies

This index incorporates studies being conducted by the NIHR Health & Social Care Workforce Research Unit and an archive of projects undertaken by its predecessor, the Social Care Workforce Research Unit.

Bracketed dates indicate end dates or proposed end dates of projects. Use the alphabetical index or Ctrl F to find a project. Overview of our research.

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Abuse, neglect and loss of dignity in the institutional care of older people: definitional issues [2010]

Accessibility of section 12 approved doctors [2020]

Adults at risk and gambling [2017]

Advocacy for people with learning disabilities [2006]

Advocacy on entry to care homes: a scoping review [2008]

After the Liverpool Care Pathway: What next for people with dementia? [2016]

Analysis of secondary data sources for elder abuse [2010]

An audit of the impact of work permit restrictions


Black and Minority Ethnic older people and mental well-being [2010]
Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) older people, strategies for [2008]


Cameos of Care homes: Revealing the resilience and expertise of care homes [2018]
Care and support needs in rural areas [2008]

CAREDEM trial [2014]

Care home managers: a scoping review of evidence [2014]

Care Services Improvement Partnership evaluation [2009]

Challenge ResCare: Behaviours that challenge in dementia care (RESCARE) [2015]

Checking care workers [2015]

Codes of practice for social care workers and employers: exploring their use in the United Kingdom [2008]

Connecting People in Sierra Leone Study [2016]

Connecting People Intervention Study [2014]

Consultation on the social care recruitment and retention strategy [2017] 

COVID-19 and people who work as social care Personal Assistants [2020]


Developing an adult Safeguarding Outcomes Measure for inclusion in the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework [2015]

Disabling factors review [2009]

Diversity and progression among social work students: an explanatory study [2009]


Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of 'Usual Care' versus 'Specialist Integrated Care' [2017]

Effectiveness of social work with adults [2015]

ENCAM Nurse case management study [2009]
English Innovation Project - New Orleans Intervention Model [2017]

EPOCH: the experiences and expectations of older people of end of life care [2010]
Evaluation of a Peer Advice Link service [2016]

Evaluation of the Care Services Improvement Partnership [2009]
Evaluation of Early Professional Development (EPD) pilot programme for children and families social workers [2011]

Evaluation of IBSEN – Individual Budgets pilots [2008]
Evaluation of Newly Qualified Social Work Programme for children and families social workers [2012]

Evaluation of the new social work qualification in England [2008]
Evaluation of social work practices - children [2012]

EVIDEM: changing practice in dementia care in the community. Developing and testing evidence-based interventions, from timely diagnosis to end of life [2012]
Exploring “what works” in creating infrastructures and engagement methods for people with lived experience within public health, health and social care, and addiction research [2020]


The future of day centres for older people: in search of the evidence on their role, outcomes and commissioning [2017]


Gambling-related harm among recent migrant communities in the UK: responses to a 21st century urban phenomenon [2018]

General Social Care Council progression study: Phase II [2009]

'Grow Your Own' initiatives for social work, what works in [2008]


Handover in care homes [2016]

Handover in care homes: residents' and families perspectives [2018]

Health checks for people with learning disabilities: implications for social care practice [2009]

Healthy Ageing, Research and Participation (HARP) [2015]

HEARTH study: Delivering primary health care to homeless people [2018]

Helping or hindering in adult safeguarding: an investigation of practice [2017]

High support needs in housing with care services: literature reviews [2010]

Home based health promotion intervention for older people with early frailty [2017]

Home Care End of Life Care [2017]

Homelessness, rethinking multiple exclusion [2011]


IBSEN: evaluation of the Individual Budgets pilots [2008]
IMPACT: IMplementation of quality indicators in PAlliative Care sTudy [2015]
Inequalities in access to good quality care in dementia in the United Kingdom [2016]

International social care workers. Initial outcomes, workforce experiences and future expectations [2009]

Into the workforce: social work graduates in England [2010]

Investigating the quality of social work decisions in supervision [2018]


Jobs First evaluation [2013]


Literature review for the Professional Standards Authority [2015]
Literature review to inform the review of the social work bursary [2010]
Literature review (update) for the social work bursary [2017]
Living well in old age: the value of UK housing interventions in supporting mental health and wellbeing in later life [2016]
Longitudinal analysis of the NMDS-SC individual and provision data records [ongoing]

Longitudinal Care Work Study (LoCS) [ongoing]

Long Term Outcomes of Housing Support Research Study (research consultancy) [2014]


Mapping and Community Engagement (MACE)
Mapping Hospital Social Work for Older People [2019]
Mapping mental health services for looked after children under five in London [2016]
Models of safeguarding [2015]

Munro Review – the implications for social workers in adult services [2015]


New horizons – the potential for armed service personnel to move to social care work: current practice and ambitions [2018]

New starts: Ex-offenders working in social care – current practice and potential for recruitment [2018]

Nursing Associates study: Examining the Introduction of the Nursing Associate Role in Health and Social Care [2023]


The Observatory – Global Migration in the Health and Care Workforce [2023]

Opening the “Too Difficult Box:” Strengthening Adult Safeguarding Responses to Homelessness and Self-neglect [2022]

Optimal time: Investigating “optimal time”: Multiple perspectives on the timing of moving into care homes for people with dementia [2018]

The outsourcing of adult social care: workforce messages [2008]


PALM: promoting action on lifelong mental well-being [2010]
PEGI: clinical governance in health and social care [2008]
Personal Assistants and Personal Budgets [2017]
Personal effectiveness, mental toughness and emotional loyalty training: impact on recruitment and retention rates in four diverse provider social care organisations [2010]

Personalisation of social care in rural communities: the implications for older people [2008]

Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA): Phase II [2008]


Rebuilding Lives [2015]
Regulation in adult services [2007]

Reimbursement in practice: the last piece of the jigsaw? [2007]
Relocation, portability and social care practice [2014]

Research capacity among social work academics [2008]
Research capacity, knowledge, skills and use in councils with adult social care responsibilities [2014]
RESPOND [2017]

Rethinking multiple exclusion homelessness [ongoing]

Review of the migrant social care workforce [2008]
Risk, safeguarding and personal budgets [2015]
The role of Action for Children Children's Centres in the local service system for children and their families [2011]


Secondary analysis of the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC) [ongoing]

Secondary data analysis of GSCC data: students and social workers [ongoing]
Self-directed support in Scotland: evaluation of the pilot project [2011]
Serious Case Reviews in adult protection: guidance and development [ongoing]
Service provision for older people who are homeless and have memory problems [2019]
Setting and Responding to Priorities (SARP)

Signs of Safety [2017]

Signs of Safety - Phase 2 [2020]

Social Work Practices with adults pilots - an evaluation [2014]

Social Work Practices with chidren pilots - an evaluation [2012]

Social care practices with carers: an investigation of practice models [2014]

Social care responses to self-neglect and hoarding among older people: what works in practice? [2022]

Social work qualification in England, evaluation of the new [2008]

Social workers' burnout, job control and demand [2017]

Social workers' workload survey: messages from the frontline [2009]

Social work qualifications and regulation in the European Economic Area [2011]

Step Up to Social Work [2014]

Strategies for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) older people [2008]

Strategies for managing Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms in Dementia (BPSD) for community dwelling older people [2015]

Support workers: their roles and tasks – a scoping study [2008]

Supporting and engaging schools in decision-making and multi-agency working for the protection and safeguarding of children [2019]

Supporting carers following the implementation of the Care Act 2014: eligibility, support and prevention [2019]

Supporting offenders with learning disabilities to live safely in the community [2014]

Sustainable Care: Connecting people and systems [2021]


Taking a break. Use of residential respite by people with dementia and carers: access, experience, outcomes [2021]
TOPIC: inTerprofessional working for Older People In this Community [2011]
Transition from cognitive impairment to dementia: older people's experiences [2011]


Using Telecare for Older People In Adult social care (UTOPIA) [2017]


Vetting and barring: potential and practice [2012]


Who wants to be an Approved Mental Health Professional? [2017]
Workforce transition: from social work student to practitioner [2009]
Working for the agency: the role and significance of agency working in the social care workforce [2009]
Working with dignity in contemporary social care settings: the contribution of the working life experiences and knowledge of retired social workers [2009]
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