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Longitudinal Care Work Study (LoCS)


This project aims to increase understanding of the factors that facilitate or constrain recruitment and retention in the social care workforce in England. The National Minimum Data Set for Social Care has enhanced understanding of the profile of the workforce but it has not afforded us full understanding of factors affecting recruitment and retention. This research investigates both staff and wider perspectives on what leads people to join or leave the sector.

Research team

Shereen Hussein (Principal Investigator)
Jo Moriarty
Martin Stevens
Jill Manthorpe
Michelle Cornes
Jess Harris
Kritika Samsi


Department of Health, Policy Research Programme


The social care workforce constitutes between 4-6% of the total UK workforce. The National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC) has enhanced understanding of its profile but not a full understanding of factors affecting recruitment and retention. Suitable staff are essential to government plans for the transformation of social care services. This research investigates staff and wider perspectives on career progression and what makes them join (or leave) the sector.


Started in 2008, this is a longitudinal panel survey of a sample of social care providers and their workforce in four different parts of England. A total of 300 interviews have been carried out over two phases with the social care workforce, employers, and service users/carers by Jess Harris, Jo Moriarty and Michelle Cornes.

A multi-mode survey developed and administered by Shereen Hussein has been distributed by post and online at phase one and phase two to a wider group of social care workers. So far two rounds of an online practitioners’ survey have been conducted with a third phase planned to start April 2015.

The first round of the survey (T1) took place between May 2010 and July 2011 and received a total of 914 responses. The second round (T2) took place between April 2012 and July 2013 and received a total of 428 responses. Among the responses to the survey, 172 were received from the same individuals at T1 and T2.

Our longitudinal design has enabled us to ask those who have changed post about their reasons for movement, new role, satisfaction with working conditions, and intentions regarding work in social care, as well as enabling us to identify issues influencing recruitment and retention in the sector over time.  

In 2016 we have analysed quantitative and qualitative data from the first two waves of data collection focusing on ‘pay and wages’; ‘men in care work’; ‘workers’ motivations’; ‘personalisation of care’; ‘job satisfaction’ and ‘workers’ stress’. A third wave of data collection is currently underway.


2008 – 

Output and impact

An Expert Seminar engaged a range of stakeholders in the research at the outset in 2008. An Interim Report was produced in 2010 and presentations have been made to research and practitioner audiences in the UK, Sweden and Italy.

In 2014 an Expert Seminar discussed emerging findings and analysis with an invited audience. A review of care home workers’ satisfaction with their work with residents with dementia has been published. Evidence was provided to Baroness Kingsmill’s Review of exploitation in the care sector, to the Burstow Commission into the Future of the Home Care Workforce and to the Commission on Hearing Loss.

Presentations have been made to research and practitioner audiences in the UK and Australia. Findings are reported regularly in the professional press and media. Detailed analysis has informed a number of recent reports and policy briefings on the social care sector including the Political Studies Association Commission on Care.


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Non-peer reviewed articles

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Reports and book chapters

Hussein, S. (in press, 2018) ‘The English Social Care Workforce: The vexed questions of low wages and stress’, in Christensen & Billing (eds.) Research Companion to Care Work Around the World, London: Routledge.

Report of the Longitudinal Care Work Study (LoCS) Expert Seminar on 24 September 2014 (edited by Jill Manthorpe and Jess Harris; published November 2014. See below for the four presentations from the day)

Note: this report has not been subject to independent review:
Hussein, S., Stevens, M., Moriarty, J. & Manthorpe, J., (2010), 'Longitudinal Care Study (LoCS). Interim Report' [pdf, 664 KB], London: Social Care Workforce Research Unit, King's College London.


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