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Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA) Phase II


This project followed from an analysis of the first 100 referrals to the POVA List (Stevens & Manthorpe, 2005) and addressed three questions:

  • What factors are associated with decisions to place referred staff (or volunteers) onto the POVA list?
  • What is the process of decision making in regard to whether or not to list people?
  • What are the commonalities and differences between a sample of referrals to the POVA list?

Research team

Martin Stevens, SCWRU
Jill Manthorpe, SCWRU
Shereen Hussein, SCWRU
Stephen Martineau, SCWRU
Joan Rapaport, SCWRU
Jess Harris, SCWRU


Department of Health


The Care Standards Act 2000 established a provision for a List of staff and volunteers working in regulated care settings who would be banned from such activity if they had harmed or placed at risk of harm a vulnerable adult. This List acts as a vetting and barring device to safeguard vulnerable adults.


A multi-method approach was adopted, including a quantitative and qualitative element. This produced a rounded picture of the factors involved in decisions to place people on the POVA list. The following data were re-analysed:

  • Anonymised information held by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) about all referrals, decision making and the appeals process.
  • Referral information on a random sample of 300 referrals including 100 ‘closed’, ‘provisional’ and ‘barred’ cases

Interviews were undertaken with 19 DfES staff involved with processing the referrals. Focus groups were undertaken with older service users and carers, including people from a range of minority ethnic communities. Focus groups were also held with managers and staff working with vulnerable adults. Interviews with the DH staff making the final decision about whether to recommend that staff should be placed on the POVA list were undertaken.


April 2006 – April 2008

See also

Vetting and barring care workers: potential and practice



Stevens, M., Hussein, S., Martineau, S., Harris, J., Rapaport, J. & Manthorpe, J., (2008), 'The Protection of Vulnerable Adults List: an investigation of referral patterns and approaches to decision-making. Final report to the Department of Health', London: Social Care Workforce Research Unit, King’s College London.

Summary report (17pp)


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Related work

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