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Connecting People Intervention Study


A multi-site pilot to evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the Connecting People Intervention, aimed to promote well-being and social participation. Social care workers have skills in supporting people to develop social relationships and engage in their local communities, but there is little evidence about which approaches are the most effective or best value for money. This intervention was developed following the original Connecting People study, which ran from 2010 – 2012.


2012 - 2014

Research team

Meredith Newlin (and formerly Hannah Reidy and Samantha Treacy) at SCWRU; Martin Webber (Principal Investigator) and Tracey Hawkes, University of York; Sharon Howarth, David Morris and Ian Norris, University of Central Lancashire.


National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) School for Social Care Research


The study had four components: a systematic review of the research and examples of good social care practice in England helping people to participate in communities and enhance their well-being; development of guidance for workers supporting adults with a learning disability or mental health problem; development of a fidelity scale to measure the extent workers follow the intervention guidance; a pilot study with 15 social care agencies across England testing the Intervention.


Complex social interventions can be modelled, articulated and evaluated. When fully implemented, the Connecting People Intervention model improves social outcomes, at no greater cost, by health and care workers working differently. Barriers to social engagement for people with mental health problems or a learning disability exist within communities. Performance targets, service reconfigurations, public sector cuts and wider austerity environment hamper innovation.

Outputs and impact

Three systematic reviews and a series of peer review articles have been published or are in press reporting quantitative and qualitative results. Training materials are published online: . We aim to ensure a significant impact on social care by sharing findings about effective and cost-effective ways of improving social participation and well-being widely through the sector.


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