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Social care practice with carers: an investigation of practice models


Numerous job roles have been established aimed at identifying the needs of family carers and improving the support that is provided to them. However, very little has been known about their effectiveness. This project explored different models of social care support for family carers and evaluated how these are perceived by the workers themselves, commissioners, and family carers.


2010 – 2012 

Research team

Jo Moriarty, Jill Manthorpe, Michelle Cornes  and Shereen Hussein (SCWRU)


National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) School for Social Care Research


The study employed a concurrent mixed methods design which included interviews with family carers, carers’ workers, commissioners, representatives of voluntary organisations, and a survey of local authority adult services departments. Secondary analysis of data on carers’ workers from the National Minimum Dataset for Social Care (NMDS-SC) was also undertaken. A synthesis of a sample of local authority websites was undertaken to investigate the quality of information offered online to carers.


The study highlighted the varied role played by carers’ workers in supporting family carers. Family carers still often found it difficult to access timely and relevant information and there is scope for local councils to evaluate the effectiveness of different ways of making sure that carers living in their locality are aware of their rights to support and know what is available to help them. Personal budgets offer new flexibilities for some but alternatives in the form of traditional services giving carers a break or access to emotional support and counselling are also needed by others.


Research Findings

NIHR SSCR Research Findings: Social care practice with carers: What social care support is provided to family carers? What support do family carers want? published November 2014

See also: Jo Moriarty's post on the Social Care Workforce blog, written for the publication of the Research Findings.

And see: Andy Nicholl's interview with Jo Moriarty about the findings in Community Care, 20 November 2014.

Social Care Workforce Periodical

A special issue of the Social Care Workforce Periodical (Issue 10: December 2010) has been prepared looking specifically at the carers’ workforce. 


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We have made several presentations to audiences of practitioners, carers, policymakers, and other researchers, and widened the number of people accessing these presentations via Twitter. We published two open access articles so as many people as possible can access the study findings.

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