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Past Meetings

SWHN meetings 2011-


3 December 2019 'Research influences on policy and practice' (at King's) 
'Home and away', the factors that influence outcomes in care and out of it - Professor Ian Sinclair, University of York.
'The influence of Jane Rowe' - Professor June Thoburn, University of East Anglia. 
Family Group Conferences - Professor Peter Marsh, University of Sheffield. Chair: Terry Bamford.

8 October 2019 'The History and Development of Anti-Racist Practice' - Prof Claudia Bernard (related article). 'CCETSW Paper 30: Institutional Racism and the PC backlash' - Jenny Weinstein. Chair: Terry Bamford (at King's)

6 June 2019 Privatisation - in whose best interest? (at King's) Prof Ray Jones. Chair: Terry Bamford.

26 March 2019 Researching the history of social work research (at University of Chester) 
'A stout pair of shoes and an umbrella' How much has the experience of mental health social work changed? Dr Sarah Vicary, Senior Lecturer and Locality Lead (North), The Open University 
Radicalism, Reform and Reaction: The Strange and Fantastic Story of the Lincoln Asylum (1819 to 1839). Nigel Horner, Head of School of Health and Social Care, University of Lincoln 
Ageing research and social work: hidden in plain sight? Professor Mo Ray, Professor of Health & Social Care Integration/School Director of Research, University of Lincoln
7 March 2019 Hokey Cokey Childcare. A review of services for children from 1948 and a way forward (at King's)
The speaker at this meeting was Dr Chris Hanvey, whose book, Shaping Children's Services, was published early 2019.
Respondents: Dr Carl Purcell, NIHR Health & Social Care Workforce Research Unit, King's College London; Dr Jo Warner, Reader in Social Policy, University of Kent. Terry Bamford chaired the meeting, which drew around 30 attendees.


30 November 2018 Voices from the frontline (at King's)

Professor Peter Beresford: Hamlet without the Prince - challenging the exclusion of practitioners from social work development; Suzy Croft: Looking back, Looking forward; Professor June Thoburn, Social Service Teams: The Practitioner's view’ (1978); Bianka Lang: Reflections on the journey to relationship-based practice. Terry Bamford chaired the meeting, which drew around 60 attendees.

4 October 2018 Campaigning for change (at King's)

Keith Bilton, Nicholas Timmins, Carolyne Willow spoke about Scotland and England 1960s campaigns for change; The politics of the NHS and Community Care Act 1990; and, the Children and Social Work Act 2017: the 'Together for Children' campaign respectively. David Hinchliffe spoke about his experience of being at the receiving end of such campaigns in Parliament. Terry Bamford chaired the meeting, which drew around 30 attendees. We hope to publish articles deriving from this meeting in the Bulletin.

17 July 2018 Children's Homes: What were they really like? Have they a future? (day conference at King's) with Jim Hyland and Lisa Cherry (chairs) and speakers: Peter Higginbotham, Roger Bullock (What research tells us), Peter Charlton, David Lane and Ray Jones (The politics and economics of residential childcare). This was a joint presentation of the Child Care History Network, the Centre for Social Policy and the Social Work History Network. Twitterpic of speakers. See also Child Care History Network page on their meeting on the topic in 2017 (includes David Lane full text).

8 May 2018 Adoption: looking backwards, looking forwards (at King's) with Joan Fratter, Anna Gupta, Brid Featherstone, Martha Cover and John Simmonds.
27 March 2018 The history of service user involvement (at King's)
Colin Cameron: 'The disabled people's movement'
Angela Frazer-Wicks: 'Re-dressing the balance' (Robert Tapsfield presented these slides)
Peter Beresford OBE (Professor Beresford's paper is published in the Bulletin of SWHN in spring 2018)
The meeting was chaired by Terry Bamford.


5 December 2017 Social Work Education and Regulation (at King's)
Professor Ann Davis: '100 years of a changing social work curriculum at Birmingham University'
David N Jones: 'A history of regulating social work and social work education' Panel Discussion: Dame Moira Gibb, Social Work Task Force and Reform Board; Professor David Croisdale-Appleby, author of 'Revisioning social work education'; Professor Ray Jones, Kingston University
The meeting was chaired by Terry Bamford. Twitterpic of the panel
8 November 2017 Radical Social Work: From Case Con to SWAN (at King's) (Film of this meeting | The Case Con generation, 1970–75 - article by Peter Feldon, Linda de Chenu, Jeremy Weinstein: Critical and Radical Social Work)
Pete Feldon and Linda de Chenu, Case Con Collective: ‘Challenging the Consensus 1970-77: Generation Case Con’ | Linda de Chenu’s presentation | Pete Feldon’s presentation
Jeremy Weinstein, original member of the CASE CON radical social work collective in the 1970s: ‘Case Con Manifesto’ (Jeremy spoke without slides)
Michael Lavalette. Professor Liverpool Hope University, cofounder of SWAN:The SWAN manifesto
June Thoburn, Emeritus Professor, School of Social Work, UEA:A Socialist View of Social Work’ | (Free access to article by Tunstill & Willow)
Panel discussion with:
Gordon Peters, Editor of Case Con and later Director of Social Services, Hackney
Elizabeth Wilson, Psychiatric social worker, novelist and Professor of Fashion
James Blewett, London co-ordinator of Making Research Count

The meeting was chaired by Terry Bamford.

13 September 2017 Shaping a Profession: The historical development of social work education and training (at University of Chester). Film of meeting.
Professor Ann Davis, Emeritus Professor of Social Work and Mental Health, University of Birmingham: 'The social work curriculum: A view from the archives'
Malcolm Jordan, Volunteer Co-ordinator: 'Seebohm and Communities: What happened to radicalsocial work education?'
Professor Karen Lyons, Emeritus Professor, International Social Work, London Metropolitan University: 'Social work education and training in Europe: A retrospective view'
25 May 2017 The History of Probation: power, politics and culture 1870-21st century (at King's)
Prof Philip Whitehead: 'The History of Probation in the UK'
Keith Bilton: 'NAPO and a unified association of social workers,1966-70'
Peter Westland: 'Probation and Social Work Values'
Chair: Terry Bamford

2 March 2017 Discretion and autonomy. Was there ever a Golden Age? (at King's) Tony Evans, David Howe, Judy Foster. Chair: Terry Bamford


30 November 2016 Bob Holman - Life and legacy (at King's)

Annette Holman, Dave Wiles, Terry Philpot, Maggie Mellon. Chair: Terry Bamford

21 September 2016 Clement Attlee and social work (at King's)
Jonathan Dickens: 'Clement Attlee and the social service idea’
Dave Burnham: 'Clement Attlee Social Worker'
Luke Geoghegan: 'Attlee, Toynbee Hall and the importance of direct social work practice'
Chair: June Thoburn
8 June 2016 Children Act 1989 (at King's)

Wendy Rose, Lady Hale, Lady Bottomley, Jane Tunstill, June Thoburn, Jo Tunnard. Chair: Terry Bamford

14 April 2016 Reflections on child migration and the national apology: the challenge to social work and current practice (a joint event with the Child Migrants Trust at the V&A Museum of Childhood)

Margaret Humphreys CBE, OAM, social worker and founder of the Child Migrants Trust. David Hinchliffe, Chairman of the Select Committee on Health which, in 1997-98, examined the welfare of former British child migrants. David N Jones, LSCB Chair, Trustee of Children and Families Across Borders, co-founder of the Social Work History Network, chaired the event, which was followed by a screening of Oranges and Sunshine.

26 January 2016 Mental Health Patient Perspectives (at King's, chaired by Terry Bamford)
Colin Gale: 'As if to drive me mad': an Edwardian patient's experience of sedatives and the asylum environment
Nick Hervey: The Alleged Lunatics' Friend Society 1845-63, and the history of User Involvement.


24 November 2015 Child abuse inquiries and their impact: lessons learned? (at King’s, chaired by Terry Bamford)
Professor Ian Butler: Colwell, scandal and the press
Professor Jane Tunstill: The Clwyd inquiry – commissioning and suppression

Dr David N Jones: The troubling history of Serious Case Reviews (and see: David N Jones (2015) Serious Case Reviews in Child Protection: Historical Reflections, ADCS Virtual Staff College.)

24 September 2015 CPAG and social work (at King’s)

This was a joint SWHN and SCWRU seminar chaired by Professor Pat Thane. The speakers were: Jane Tunstill (presentation), Geoff Fimister, Ruth Davidson, Baroness Molly Meacher, and Frank Field MP. Blog post on this meeting | Pat Thane and Ruth Davidson's book marking 50 years of CPAG is now out.

20 May 2015 Integrating health and social care (King’s College London)
Professor Derek Birrell: Forty-five years of structural integration in Northern Ireland
Terry Bamford: From Joint Consultative Committees to the Better Care Fund
Chair: Dave Burnham

24 February 2015 Social Work History Network meeting (King’s College London)
Professor Mike Stein: ‘A history from below: the story of the rights movement of young people in care’
Professor June Thoburn: 'Olive Stevenson's place in the history of child care in the twentieth century'
Chair: Terry Bamford (who also launched his new book at the meeting)


27 November 2014 Society, welfare and conflicting ideas of social work during the First World War (King’s College London)
Dave Burnham: 'The First World War, women's suffrage and social work'
Professor Viviene Cree: ‘Moralising discourses: women and girls in the First World War’
Chair: Terry Bamford

16 September 2014 Social work with older people: historical perspectives (University of Chester)
Professor Robin Means, University of the West of England: ‘Meeting the welfare needs of older people, 1939-71: In search of the origins of gerontological social work in the UK’
Professor Malcolm Carey, University of Chester: 'Brief encounters: From peripheral service to newer forms of neglect in social work with older people'

25 June 2014 History of CCETSW (joint SWHN / SCWRU event at King’s College London). We made a podcast of this meeting.

19 March 2014 Social Work History Network meeting (King’s College London)
Joan Baraclough, ‘Health and social care – better together?'
Professor Graham Ixer, 'Reflections on a misunderstood profession – folk devils and moral panic' Notes from Prof Ixer's talk
Professor Jill Manthorpe, 'Social work and general medical practice: Revisiting Huntington' [See also: SCWRU news item.]


18 October 2013 Social Work History Network meeting (University of Chester)
Professor Bob Holman: 'From Warfare to Child Care: Showing how the evacuation and other war events prompted social change'. PODCAST of Bob Holman's talk (the podcast is hosted by the Social Care Workforce Research Unit at King's)
Keith Bilton: 'What Happened Next? The child care service and after'.

11 July 2013 Social Work History Network (James Clerk Maxwell Building, King’s College London)
‘Correcting the historical record: Rediscovering the intellectual leadership of British social worker, Jocelyn S. Hyslop, the Founding Director of Training in Social Work at the University of Melbourne, 1934-1944’, Jane Miller.
‘Deafblind and neglected or deafblindness neglected? Revisiting the Beverley Lewis Case’, Peter Simcock, Staffordshire University.

14 March 2013 Social Work History Network meeting (Franklin-Wilkins Building, King’s College London)
‘Professional Associations in Social Work 1900 to 1990’ (pdf, 97 KB) Andrew Sackville, Emeritus Professor at Edge Hill University, Lancashire (Slides from the presentation, pdf, 59 KB) | Notes | Andrew Sackville's working papers on the topic of professional associations
‘Taking Stock of our Past: Uniting to Safeguard our Futures’ Peter Beresford OBE, Professor of Social Policy, Brunel University and Chair of Shaping Our Lives, the national user controlled organisation and network
Information (pdf, 184 KB)


12 October 2012 Tilda Goldberg: Lessons for Today from a Social Work Pioneer. (Guy's Campus, London Bridge: Henriette Raphael Function Room)
Donald Forrester, Professor of Social Work Research, Director of Tilda Goldberg Centre for Social Work and Social Care Research, University of Bedfordshire and Chris Hemsley, social worker, discuss Tilda Goldberg's legacy and the lessons from her work for social work policy, practice and research today. Information (pdf, 67 KB) | Presentation

5 July 2012 ‘On the record’ – the professional journey (University of Chester)
Tom White and John Pierson discuss some of the issues which have arisen in the historical development of the social work profession.
Information (pdf, 69 KB) | Presentation (Pierson) | Presentation (White)

24 April 2012 Social Work History Network (King’s College London)
Elaine Arnold: Separation in families of African Caribbean origin. Elaine's book (pdf, 351 KB) has recently been published by Jessica Kingsley and is based on studies carried out in 1975 and 2001.
Jeffrey Coleman: History of ideas about the adoption of children. 
Information (pdf, 74 KB) | Notes


5 December Care Arrangements: Who Cares? Who Pays? (King’s College London)
Professor Pat Thane (pdf, 86 KB)
Tim Spencer-Lane (pdf, 238 KB)
Peter Westland
Professor Jill Manthorpe
Information / Background paper (pdf, 108 KB)

10 September
Poverty in 2011 (Hampton Hill)
Talk given by Prof. David Piachaud of the London School of Economics. This is not a History Network event, but may be of interest.
Information (pdf, 2.02 MB)

20 May
Debating the creation of a college of social work (King's College London)
Terry Bamford and Chris Hanvey

7 April
Social work reflections - past & present - on the social work role (King's College London)
Harry Marsh and Tim Cook: The contribution and relevance of Family Service Units (FSU) as seen through the eyes of its social workers.
Brian Dimmock: The frontline then and now - A video database of social workers talking about their careers.






Record of SWHN meetings 2000-2010

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