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Equal speed equal success: Ensuring equity in professional sports workplaces

Key information

Subject area:

Public Policy, Politics & Security

Course type:

Executive Education

Credit level:

Not for credit


three days

Available course dates:

From: 04 September 2024 To: 06 September 2024
Application deadline: 21 August 2024

Course overview

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion is crucial in today's business landscape due to its role in increasing innovation, navigating global markets, attracting top talent, complying with regulations, and enhancing brand reputation. In the world of professional sport, we have witnessed huge EDI campaigns, including the Premier League’s 'No Room for Racism' and 'Rainbow Boots' campaigns. In other sports like Formula One, we have seen launched campaigns like 'We Race as One,' addressing these issues alongside sustainability. These campaigns underscore the commitment of elite sports organisations to fostering inclusivity, combating racism, and championing diversity across various sporting landscapes. However, up until now, no courses have been created exploring these issues in direct relation to the workplace employees working in these sports organisations. EDI is an exciting topic as it transforms workplaces, driving innovation by embracing diverse perspectives, attracting top talent, and aligning with evolving societal values for organisational success in the 21st century.

This course offers you the opportunity to explore EDI in a highly unique context as it is with peers from other different sports teams and businesses, and academics specialising in inclusion in sport, offering you:

  • Diverse perspectives and experiences from different guests and attendees will help provide enriching discussions and providing a broader understanding of EDI challenges and solutions.
  • Networking opportunities - engaging with peers from different sports businesses creates valuable networking opportunities. Building connections with professionals in various sectors will help lead to collaborative efforts, shared insights, and potentially career advancements.
  • Best practice sharing - learning from peers in different industries will allow for the exchange of best practices. You will gain insights into successful EDI initiatives implemented in other organisations and adapt them to your specific business context.
  • Real-world case studies - having peers from different sports businesses will bring a range of real-world case studies. This diversity in examples will help in applying EDI principles to various scenarios, making the learning experience more practical and applicable.
  • Peer support - being part of a diverse cohort will provide a supportive environment where you can share challenges and insights.
  • Cross-industry learning - understanding how EDI is approached in different sports industries will help offer a holistic perspective which may challenge your original thinking or previous knowledge limits.

What does this course cover?

During three days of intensive workshops and seminars, you will explore:

  • The current landscape of workplace diversity, along with insights from world-leading studies that illuminate effective strategies for achieving diversity goals.
  • The ability to identify and articulate their own diversity challenge within their organisational context.
  • The skills necessary to formulate and critically evaluate potential solutions for the identified challenge, including considerations on how to assess the effectiveness of their proposed solution by the final day.
  • Practical knowledge of implementing and ensuring the success of their chosen solution on a broader scale within their organisation.

What will I achieve?

You will listen to world thought-leaders in EDI in the workplace, featuring speakers from the Premier League and ex-NASA (another male-dominated industry) EDI leads and gain extensive knowledge, experience, and insights through discussions on practical applications in their respective fields.

You will understand industry trends, challenges, and best practices, providing valuable guidance to take back to your sports organisation.

You will receive a digital badge certificate of completion, attesting that you have completed a CPD-certified course from King's College London.

Who will I learn with?

Michael Sanders

Michael Sanders

Professor of Public Policy

Kate Bancroft

Kate Bancroft

Visiting Lecturer

Who is this for?

This course would be suited to:

  • Executives, managers and leaders
  • HR professionals 
  • EDI officers
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Educators and trainers

What is the teaching schedule?

This 3-day course will take place in a classroom setting, with possible evening activities (tbc). Engage in a dynamic mix of discussions, debates, talks, and Q&As, culminating in a team challenge and presentation.

Fees and discounts

The course fee is £1800, with a 15% discount available for King’s College London alumni, current students, and current staff. If you enroll by 1 July, you can access an early bird discount of 10% (not combinable with other discounts). 

Further information

UK Employer Funded - Payment by Invoice

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Please note you will need to provide the following information during checkout:

  • full name of the company
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  • the contact details of this individual, including their job title, department; email and telephone number

Please note that King’s College London payment terms are 30 days from the date of the invoice.

Course status:

Places available

Full fee £1800

Early Bird Fee £1620

Staff / Student / Alumni Fee £1530

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