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NIHR CRN National Specialty Cluster C

Welcome to the National Institute of Health and Care Research Clinical Research Network (NIHR CRN) Specialty Cluster. The CRN Specialty Cluster is part of the CRN Coordinating Centre (CRNCC). Led by our Medical Director, Professor Nick Lemoine, we provide clinical academic leadership for the Clinical Research Network at a national level. We are one of five National Specialty Clusters hosted by Higher Education Institution members of the Clinical Research Network Alliance, as listed below:

  • Imperial College London Cluster A
    Cardiovascular disease; Diabetes; Gastroenterology; Hepatology; Metabolic and Endocrine disorders; Renal disorders; Respiratory disorders; Stroke.
  • King's College London Cluster C
    Anaesthesia, peri-operative medicine and pain management; Critical Care; Health Services Research; Trauma and Emergency Care; Primary Care; Public Health; Dermatology; Mental health; Social Care.
  • University of Liverpool Cluster D
    Children; Haematology; Infection; Musculoskeletal disorders; Ophthalmology; Reproductive health and childbirth.
  • University of Leeds Clusters E & F
    Cluster E:Ageing; Dementias and neurodegeneration (DeNDRoN); Ear, Nose and Throat; Genetics; Neurological disorders.
    Cluster F: Cancer; Oral and Dental Health; Surgery.

What we do

The CRN Specialty Cluster provides oversight of the need for and capacity for clinical research, working with those involved with portfolio development to stimulate and direct the portfolio for the benefit of patients, people who use social care services, carers and the NHS. Our broad remit is summarised below:

  • To provide leadership and support to National Specialty Leads, their National Specialty Groups and other national research communities of practice to help continuously improve research portfolio volume, balance and performance.
  • To play a key role in understanding "how best to deliver" health and care research in the NHS and other health and care settings for each Specialty and ensure this understanding feeds into CRN processes and practices at all levels, providing expert intelligence and advice to the CRN Research Delivery Directorate
  • To keep up to date knowledge of the broader research environment and translate changes into CRN strategy to ensure we remain at the forefront of specialty research internationally.
  • To act as an ambassador promoting the NIHR CRN to customers and stakeholders. To build effective relationships with decision-makers in the public sector, charity, commercial funding organisations, Biomedical Research Centres/Units and other components of the NIHR, demonstrating scientific leadership to develop pull-through models for the research pipeline.
  • Through the NIHR CRN National Specialty Leads and the Local CRN staff, engage effectively with health and care professionals in a variety of settings, to maximise the reach, impact and delivery of the CRN and its initiatives.

For further information about the NIHR CRN National Specialty Groups included in our Cluster, please follow website links below:

NIHR CRN National Specialty Groups

The Team 

NIHR CRN Medical Director

Professor Nick Lemoine
Specialties: Cancer; Oral and dental.

NIHR CRN Deputy Medical Directors

Professor Philip Evans
Cluster C Specialties: Dermatology; HSR; Mental health; Primary care; Public Health; Social Care.
Other specialties: Ageing; Children; Reproductive health and childbirth.

Professor Paul Dark
Cluster C Specialties: Anaesthesia, peri-operative care & pain management; Critical care; Trauma and Emergency care.
Other specialties: Ears, Nose and Throat; Infection; Ophthalmology; Renal disorders; Respiratory disorders; Stroke; Surgery.

Professor William Rosenberg
Specialties: Cardiovascular disease; Dementias and neurodegeneration (DeNDRoN); Diabetes; Gastroenterology; Genetics; Haematology; Hepatology, Metabolic and Endocrine disorders; Musculoskeletal disorders; Neurological disorders.

NIHR CRN Head of Cluster

Julie Solomon
Mobile: 07557 861643

NIHR CRN Specialty Cluster Manager

Wing Lei Wong

NIHR CRN Cluster Operations Coordinator
Abbie Ametewee

NIHR CRN Cluster Administrators
Egle Januleviciute

Nadia Jackson

Charlotte Jones

Specialty and Pan-NIHR Initiatives

We work with specialty stakeholders and colleagues across the NIHR to deliver a number of specialty and pan-NIHR initiatives. These include the formation of an NIHR Imaging Group, national coordination of NIHR ENRICH and development of a CRN HSR Toolkit.

NIHR Imaging Group

The overarching aim of the NIHR Imaging Group is to accelerate the development, evaluation and clinical translation of novel imaging science by supporting the development of the imaging research workforce; developing new and stronger partnerships with industry; working with key national partners, including patients and the public; and streamlining processes required to set up and deliver imaging studies.

The NIHR Imaging Group is led by Professor Stuart Taylor and consists of three working groups (workforce, science and research delivery) which are overseen by the steering group.

Applications are invited for membership of the NIHR Imaging Group

The multidisciplinary group was formed in 2020 to ensure that the NIHR makes a visible, coordinated and effective contribution to scientific advances in imaging. It supports the development of the imaging research workforce and aims to improve the delivery of imaging research in the NHS.

Positions are available in all 3 working groups

  • Imaging science
  • workforce
  • research delivery

Details on group activities and current membership can be found on

Applications are welcomed from individuals across all imaging related scientific and support disciplines who feel they can contribute to the work of the Group.

The tenure of working group members is 2 years 3 to 4 meetings a year, either virtually or face to face. Reimbursement for reasonable travel expenses may be available." As we are government funded, we won't be able to pay for first class rail travel unless it can be proven (via screen shot before booking) to be less expensive than second class, for example.

To apply, please email a 250-word statement to detailing relevant experience and motivation for applying. Please state to which of the 3 working groups you wish to apply. The deadline for applications is Feb 27th 2023.