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Emeritus Professors

Redclift, Professor Michael

Michael RedcliftEmeritus Professor

Tel: +44 (0)20 7848 1755
Department of Geography
King's College London
Strand Campus
London WC2R 2LS





Michael Redclift’s research interests include sustainable development, global environmental change, environmental security and the modern food system. He has undertaken research in Spain, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico and the United Kingdom. His research on the production and consumption relations under the ESRC/AHRC Programme ‘Cultures of Consumption’, was published in 2004 by Taylor and Francis in New York as Chewing Gum: the fortunes of taste. He has completed (2006) a major comparative study of frontier societies and their relations with the natural environment for MIT Press: Frontiers: histories of civil societies and nature.

Michael was the first Director of the Global Environmental Change programme of the ESRC between 1990 and 1995. Between 1973 and 1997 he was at Imperial College at Wye, ultimately as Professor of Environmental Sociology. He has coordinated research grants for the European Commission (FM IV and V) and helped initiate the TERM programme of the European Science Foundation. In addition he has evaluated the research programmes of the Norwegian Research Council (RCN), the Netherlands Research Council (NRP), and other European research initiatives, including the Tyndall Centre in the UK. 

Michael is currently Emeritus Professor of International Environmental Policy in the Department of Geography at King’s College, London. In 2006 he was the first recipient of the ‘Frederick Buttel Award’, from the International Sociological Association, for “ an outstanding contribution to international scholarship in environmental sociology”. 

Research interests
  • sustainable development, especially in developing countries
  • global environmental policy
  • environmental security
  • tourism and the environment

1. Human security and the environment: The publication of ‘Human Security and the Environment’ (Edward Elgar 2002) at the conclusion of European Framework project. Future research into the implications of global tourism for vulnerable environmental systems and human security. In press: ‘Tourist pioneers and spaces of unintended consequence: the Mexican Caribbean’.

2. Transnational histories of production and consumption: A grant under ESRC ‘Cultures of Consumption’ programme into the impact of the rise and decline of natural chewing gum on forest economies of Yucatan, Mexico. Book: ‘Chewing Gum – the fortunes of taste’ (Taylor and Francis, New York, 2004).

3. Sustainability and ‘post-sustainability’: A state of the art review is underway, in four volumes on ‘Sustainability: a critique and re-appraisal’ (Routledge, 2005). Another, ‘ New Developments in Environmental Sociology’ (Edward Elgar, 2005)

4. The Frontier: environment and civil societies: Research for book: ‘The Frontier: histories of citizenship and nature’ (MIT Press 2006). This builds upon and develops research on mid-nineteenth century Canada and Yucatan, Mexico.



£405,000 ESRC grant for 'Human Security and local governance: negotiating environmental risk management under rapid urbanisation in the Yucatan (Mexican Carribean)', with Mark Pelling and David Manuel Navarrete. 

Chicle: transnational production and consumption commodity chains’, ESRC/AHRC programme on ‘Cultures of Consumption’. £112,00. 

Small Grants for work on Farmers' markets in London.

PhD students

Current PhD Students

Rodolfo Munante 
(Peru) Agricultural systems, organic exports and sustainability in Peru. (2003-) Part Time.

Completed PhD students

Zhenfen Shen 
'Ecotourism in China' (2008-2013)

Ana Elisa Pena Del Valle 
The environmental and social consequences of shade coffee production in Mexico (Mexico CONACYT/Alban Fellowship) (2004-2009). 

Marco Grasso 
Funding adaptation to climate change: a normative analysis of the role of ethics in international negotiations. (Private) (2008)

Emma Hinton 
Evaluating sustainable consumption, (ESRC/DEFRA Studentship) (2006-2010). Joint Supervisor. 

Ignacio Rubio 
Common Property Resources and changes in the law governing ejidos. (Mexico CONACYT) (2004-2008) 

Gareth Johnstone 
Coastal environmental management in Mozambique. (ESRC/NERC Studentship) (2007)

Impact, innovation and outreach

Research and publications

Currently working on manuscript for Routledge on ‘Sustainable Development: handbook’ due for publication in 2014.

Climate Change and Human Security: a handbook’, edited with Marco Grasso (a former PhD student in Geography, King’s), November 2013 by Edward Elgar.

Keynote Addresses

Lectio Magistralis (keynote) to 9th International Congress on ‘Virtual City and territory’, Rome University, October 3rd 2013.

Keynote Address to ‘Brazilian Student Bar Association’: ‘Alternative Development and the Brazilian development impasse’. (Brasilia June 4th). 

Keynote Address to ‘El Colegio de Mexico’ conference:  ‘Celebrating 50 years of research on the Mexican urban environment’. (Mexico City, May 16th 2013). 

International committees

Chair and grant evaluations for the Finnish Academy of Sciences (Nature and Environment) and the Norwegian Research Council, (February/March 2013, Helsinki and Oslo).

Radio interviews for ABC, BBC Newsnight.




Climate Change and Human Security, (with Marco Grasso), Edward Elgar (2013) and, International Handbook of Sustainable Development (with Delyse Springett), Routledge (2014).

Zhen Fen Shen and Michael Redclift (2012), ‘Ecotourism: an alternative form of Green tourism in China’, International Journal of Green Economics, 6(2) 2012.

(with Mark Pelling and David Manuel Navarrete eds.) (2012), Climate Change and the Crisis of capitalism, Routledge.

(with David Manuel Navarrete) (2012), ‘Spaces of consumption and the consumption of space: tourism and social exclusion on the “Mayan Riviera”’, (chapter 12) in Consumer Culture in Latin America, eds John Sinclair and Anna Cristina Pertierra,   

Michael Redclift, Mark Pelling and David Manuel Navarrete, (2011), Local Governance and Human Security in the Mexican Caribbean, contract with Edward Elgar, Chichester and London. ISBN 9781848443723.

(With David Manuel Navarrete and Mark Pelling), (2011) ‘Critical adaptation to hurricanes in the Mexican Caribbean: development visions, governance structures and coping strategies”, Global Environmental Change. 21 (249-258).

Michael Redclift and David Manuel Navarrete, (2010) ‘The Role of Place in the Margins of Space’, in The International Handbook of Environmental Sociology,edited Michael Redclift and Graham Woodgate, Second Edition, Edward Elgar, Chichester and London.

Michael Redclift, David Goodman and Michael Goodman (eds.) (2010) ‘Introduction’ in Consuming Space: placing consumption in perspective, edited Michael Goodman, David Goodman and Michael Redclift, Ashgate Publishing.

 Michael Redclift (2010), ‘The Transition Out Of Carbon Dependence: the crises of environment and markets’, in The International Handbook of Environmental Sociology, edited Michael Redclift and Graham Woodgate, Second Edition, Edward Elgar, Chichester and London.

Michael Redclift (2010), ‘Frontier Spaces of Production and Consumption: surfaces, appearances and representations of the “Mayan Riviera”’ in Consuming Space: placing consumption in perspective, edited Michael Goodman, David Goodman and Michael Redclift, Ashgate Publishing.  

Michael Redclift, ‘Living with a new crisis: climate change and transitions out of carbon dependency’, Sustainability Science. Springer. (Special Issue: ‘International Symposium on Sustainability Science’, New York state October 2010).

(With C.Buzinde, David Manuel Navarrete and D. Kerstette), (2010) ‘Representation and Adaptation to Climate Change’, Annals of Tourism Research. 37(3). 581-603.

Michael Redclift, ‘The Environment and Carbon Dependency: landscapes of sustainability and materiality’, (2009) Current Sociology, 57(3) 369-387.

Michael Redclift, ‘Abandoned spaces and the myths of place: tourist pioneers on the ‘Mayan Riviera’, Journal of Tourism Research 2(1) April 2009: 35-43.


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