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Professor Bruce Malamud

Professor Bruce Malamud

Bruce MalamudProfessor of Natural & Environmental Hazards

Tel:  +44 (0)20 7848 2466 

Department of Geography 
King's College London Office: Bush House North East Wing, Room 6.13 


Bruce D. Malamud received a BA in physics from Reed College in 1986 and a PhD in geophysics/stratigraphy from Cornell University in 1998. Since 2000, he has been on the academic staff in the Department of Geography at King’s College London, where he is presently a Professor of Natural and Environmental Hazards.

Bruce spent two years in the USA Peace Corps (1986-1988) as a high-school teacher of chemistry/physics in Niger, West Africa, is a past recipient (1998) of a Fulbright Fellowship to study natural hazards in Argentina, was awarded a NERC fellowship to spend one year (2004/5) as a visiting researcher at the Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, University of Oxford, served as chief executive editor (2005-09) of the journal Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, was a fellow (2007) at the Institute of Advanced of Study, Durham University, and distinguished visitor (2008) at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. 

Bruce was President of the Natural Hazards Division (2007-11) of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) and the Chair of the Programme Committee for the EGU General Assembly 2010 and 2011. In 2012 he received the EGU service award. and has twice (2003/4 and 2013/14) received a King’s College London Teaching Excellence Award. Currently he is an executive editor for the journal Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences

Bruce has authorship on >60 peer-review publications, including 1st author publications in Earth and Planetary Science LettersEarth Surface Processes and LandformsJournal of Geophysical ResearchProceedings of National Academy of Sciences, and Science. Currently there are >3,600 citations to his publications. In addition, he has been involved as editor on two books, and author on 11 government publications. 

See Google Research Profile

Research interests
Main Research Interests
  • Natural and environmental hazards (wildfires, earthquakes, landslides, floods tornadoes, multi-hazard interactions and heavy-metal contamination)
 Research Subthemes
  • Observational data: gathering, analysis, exploration and visualisation.
  • Synthetic data: construction in 1-D and 2-D
  • Time-series analyses and mathematical models: persistence, spectral analysis, probability distributions
  • Tools from the complexity sciences: fractals, self-organized behaviour, cellular-automata models
  • Comparison of models with data in the broad environmental sciences
  • Communications of science to stakeholders
My main research and publication areas are in natural and environmental hazards:
  • Wildfires
  • Floods
  • Earthquakes
  • Landslides
  • Heavy-metal contamination of water and foodcrops (in Zambia)
Underlying subthemes of my research include:

     • Time-series analyses and mathematical models

  • long-range persistence
  • spectral analysis (wavelets, Fourier analysis)
  • probability distributions
  • data exploration

      • Tools from the complexity sciences

  • fractals
  • self-organized behaviour
  • cellular-automata models

      • The comparison of models with data in the broad environmental                     sciences 

  • Communications of science to stakeholders
My research combines the following:
  • Gathering, analysis and visualization of actual data. 
  • The construction of synthetic data sets in 1-D and 2-D. 
  • The design, construction and use of synthetic and actual data in different theoretical models.
Recent funding

UK Economic and Social Research Council (BDM Co-I for KCL, 1/2015–1/2018, £3.3M of which £800k to KCL). Urban ARK: Urban Africa: Risk and Capacity (KCL PI and overall coordinator: M Pelling; KCL Co-I J Millington). BDM leader on one of four WP and oversee (with M Pelling and J Millington) two postdoctoral positions and two PhD students.

UK National Environment Research Council (BDM Co-I for KCL, 9/13–2/17, £2.7M, of which £329k to KCL). SINATRA: Susceptibility of catchments to INTense RAinfall and flooding. (KCL PI: D Demeritt). Grant NE/K008595/1. Coordinator: H Cloke, University of Reading, UK.

European Commission (BDM PI for KCL, 3/13–2/15, €2.0M, of which €300k to KCL). LAMPRE: LAndslide Modelling and tools for vulnerability assessment PReparedness and REcovery management. (KCL Co-I: N Drake, M Pelling). EC Framework 7 Collaborative project “Support to emergency response management”. BDM leader on one of seven scientific WP, supervisor of two 1.0 FT postdoctoral position at KCL, and oversee (with N Drake) major contributions of KCL to two other WPs. Coordinator: F Guzzetti, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy. Ten partners: Italy (CNR, DPC, UNIFI, UP); UK (KCL); Spain (ALTAMIRA, IGME); Lithuania (GMX); Switzerland (FOEN); Netherlands (BOOZ&CO).

For full information on Professor Malamud's funding, please see here.

PhD students

Current PhD Students

First or Co-Supervisor

Arthur Penserini (2015- , EDF Energy Funded Studentship) “A scenario-oriented probabilistic model of multi-hazard events

Anna Turbelin (2013- , NERC Studentship) “Invasive Species as Natural Hazards: Developing an Invasion Severity” [Co-supervisor: Rob Francis]

Joel Gill (2011- , NERC/ESRC Studentship) “Multi-Hazard Risk Assessments in Small Urban Areas” [2nd supervisor: Mark Pelling]

Faith Taylor (2010- , NERC Studentship) “Modelling the Probability of Landslides Impacting the Road Network and the Risk of Community Isolation” [2nd supervisor Andreas Baas]

Alex Bjorkegren (2010 - , NERC Studentship) “High-Resolution Time Series of CO2 in an Urban Setting” [Co-supervisor: Sue Grimmond]

Second Supervisor

Zoe Lee (9/09–, NERC Studentship). “Investigating the role of turbulence as a driver of sand transport, with specific focus on comparing sand transport in coastal and desert environments” [1st supervisor: Andreas Baas]

Past Postdoctoral Research Associates (PDRAs)

Monika Mihir (7/13-2/15) on EC FW7 Research Grant LAMPRE "LAndslide Modelling and tools for vulnerability assessment Preparedness and REcovery management".

Bernardo Mota (7/13-2/15) on EC FW7 Research Grant LAMPRE "Landslide Modelling and tools for vulnerability assessment Preparedness and REcovery management".

Completed PhD Students

First or Co-Supervisor

Jinda Sae-Jung 

(Awarded 2014, NERC Studentship) “Coarse Resolution Remote Sensing Assessment for Landslide-Event Inventories” [Co-supervisor: Nick Drake]

Samuel Sperling (Awarded 2011, NERC Studentship) “Remote Sensing of Open Biomass Burning and Wildfire Regimes” [Co-supervisor: Martin Wooster]

Jennifer Holden (Awarded 2013, DFID research assistant) “Heavy Metals from Irrigation Water to the Dinner Table in Chunga, Lusaka, Zambia” [2nd supervisor: Mark Pelling]

Second Supervisor

Patrick Freeborn (Awarded 2013, KCL SSPP Studentship) “Fire Emissions from Fire Radiative Power Observations” [1st supervisor: Martin Wooster]

Matthew Blackett (Awarded 2009, KCL Studentship) “An Investigation into the Detection and Analysis of Potential Surface Thermal Anomalies associated with Terrestrial Volcanoes and Earthquakes using EOS and Other Post-2000 Satellite Observations” [1st supervisor: Martin Wooster]

Gareth Johnstone (Awarded 2008, ESRC/NERC Studentship) “Coastal environmental management in Mozambique." [1st supervisor: Michael Redclift].

Hung Fei Lei (Awarded 2004) “Modelling Soil Creep” [1st supervisor: John Thornes] 

Past Postdoctoral Research Associates (PDRAs)

Annette Witt (2005-2008) on EC FW6 STREP NEST Research Grant "Extreme Events: Causes and Consequences" 

Postgraduate Teaching (2013/14)

• Induction "Basic Skills" sessions for all Masters Students

• 7SSG5110. Methods for Environmental Research

• Doctoral Training Centre. Time Series & Visualisation of Data for Social Sciences Research

Undergraduate Teaching (2013/14)

• 4SSG0140. The Changing Natural Environment (1st year)

• 5SSG2042. Natural Hazards (2nd year)

• 6SSG3064. Advanced Issues in Natural and Environmental Hazards (3rd year)

• 6SSG3061. Current Research in Geography (3rd year)

Teaching Awards

• King's College London, Teaching Excellence Award (2004-05)

• King's College London, Teaching Fellowship Award (2005-06) 

Natural Hazards Demonstrations for Teaching

Several ‘inexpensive’ natural hazard demonstrations have been gathered or developed from multiple sources for: Earthquakes, Mass Movements (Landslides), Tsunamis, Volcanoes, and Weather. These have been developed with funding from a KCL Teaching Fellowship Award (2005-06). See the below pdfs of both a poster and talk:

Impact, innovation and outreach

Radio, TV, webcasts etc.


For a full list of Professor Malamud's publications, please see his research profile.


Inaugural Lecture Series 2014/15 - Watch Bruce's Lecture

Category: Inaugural lecture, public talk

Title: ‘Tales and Tails of Natural Hazards'

Date: Tuesday, 24 February 2015

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