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Narushige Shiode

Dr Narushige Shiode


Reader in Geocomputation and Spatial Analysis

Tel:  +44 (0)20 7848 1693 

Department of Geography 
King's College London 
Office: Bush House North East Wing, Room 6.10




Naru joined the Department of Geography at King's College London in May 2015 as Reader in Geocomputation and Spatial Analysis. Prior to this, Naru taught at the State University of New York at Buffalo (2003-09), Cardiff University (2009-14), and University of Warwick (2014-15), primarily in the fields of human geography, spatial analysis & GIS, and urban planning.

Naru is trained as an urban planner with a focus on urban and regional analysis. He obtained B.Engineering (1995) and M.Engineering (1997) in Urban Engineering from the University of Tokyo, and a PhD from CASA/Bartlett School of Planning, University College London (2005), where he also held a research position. Naru currently holds a visiting position with Universities of Tokyo and Warwick.

Research interests
  • Spatial Analysis & Modelling: Developing methods for spatial analysis and spatial statistics (with a focus on spatial tessellation, network analysis, spatial interpolation, and geo-surveillance and hotspot detection).
  • GIScience & Geo-visualisation: Developing GIS tools and constructing spatial-temporal 3D GIS models for interpreting urban, crime, traffic, epidemiological, archaeological and other social-science data.
  • Urban & Regional Analysis: Exploring and modelling the spatial-temporal transition of urban landscape, land use, housing market, ageing communities and ethnically diverse communities.
  • Big and open data & Neo-geography: Investigating patterns found in the Internet, cyberspace, smart cities and open data; and modelling the geography found in information data (including SNS, e-economy, LBS and online mapping).

Naru has an active interest in the quantitative appreciation of how socio-economic activities unfold within an urban context over space and time. His current research focuses on the development of network-based methods for exploring the dynamics of urban landscape, urban risks and spatial inequality with the aim to improve the safety and welfare within urban environments. Their applications range from analyses of crime and traffic accidents to those of ageing communities and ethnically diverse communities, many of which are carried out in collaboration with academic and non-academic partners including local governments, police force, consultants and the retail sector.

PhD topics

Naru would welcome expression of interest in PhD proposals involving new and innovative quantitative methodologies in the fields of spatial analysis and modelling, urban analysis, or GIS and geo-visualisation. Some of the indicative topics include:

  • Space-time 3D/4D city models in GIS
  • Spatial optimisation and location allocation of urban facilities
  • Space-time concentration of high risks such as traffic accidents and crime hotspots
  • Changes in the spatial composition of ageing communities
  • New methods of spatial interpolation and geo-statistics
  • Infographics and visual representation of big, open data
Selected publications

Shiode, N., Shiode, S., Rod-Thatcher, E., Rana, S. and Vinten-Johansen, P. (2015) The mortality rates and the space-time patterns of John Snow’s cholera epidemic map, International Journal of Health Geographics 14: 21.

Shiode, S., Shiode, N., Block, R.C. and Block, C.L. (2015) Space-time characteristics of micro-scale crime occurrences along a street network: an application of a network-based space-time search window technique for the analysis of crime incidents in Chicago, International Journal of Geographical Information Science 29(5): 697-719.

Shiode, N., Morita, M., Shiode, S. and Okunuki, K. (2014) Local spatial correlation analysis of ageing communities, Urban Geography 35(4): 608-628.

Shiode, S. and Shiode, N. (2014) Micro-scale prediction of near-future crime concentrations with street-level geo-surveillance, Geographical Analysis 46: 435-455.

Yin, L. and Shiode, N. (2014) 3D spatial-temporal GIS model of urban environments for supporting the designing and planning process, Journal of Urbanism 7(2): 152-169.

Shiode, S. and Shiode, N. (2013) Space-time network-based STAC for hotspot detection of street-level crime incidents, International Journal of Geographical Information Science 27(5): 866-882.

Fone, D., Dunstan, F., White, J., Webster, C., Rodgers, S., Lee, S., Shiode, N., Orford, S., Weightman, A., Brennan, I., Sivarajasingam, V., Morgan, J. and Lyons, R. (2012) Change in alcohol outlet density and alcohol-related harm to population health, BMC Public Health 12: 428.

Shiode, N. and Shiode, S. (2011) Street-level spatial interpolation using network-based IDW and ordinary kriging, Transactions in Geographical Information Science 15(4): 457-477.

Lim, H. and Shiode, N. (2011) The impact of online shopping demand on physical distribution networks: a simulation approach, International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management 41(8): 732-749.




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